How to lose weight from yoga

How to lose weight from yoga

Aiming to get rid of extra kilos, many people begin to play sports. In recent years great popularity yogas have got various referrals. The result from occupations will be not so prompt and impressive as from the exhausting occupations on exercise machines, but having approached in a complex weight loss process, you will achieve the objective.


1. The yoga is the set of exercises designed not so much for weight loss, how many for the general improvement of organism. If you dream to change cardinally the figure in shorter time, it is better for you to choose other sport. The same who does not hurry anywhere, and is ready to long and systematic work who wants not only to get rid of extra kilos but also to make the body healthy, the yoga will help.

2. In yoga there are several directions. Some types will help you to lose weight, others are directed by the most part to relaxation. If you like intensive trainings, and you have good physical training, give preference to ashtanga-yoga which distinctive feature – fast change of asanas. Beginners will suit classical Hatha yoga which also gives load of muscles and burns calories. The kriyya-yoga in which certain time for deduction of each asana, and bikram-yoga at which occupations the climate of India is reproduced is allowed is also suitable for your purposes: high temperature of air and low humidity.

3. Any sport will not yield due result if the number of the consumed calories is more, than quantity spent during the day. The yoga is not only complex of sports exercises, but also lifestyle: the people who are engaged in it watch closely what food they eat, and in what quantities. Depending on school the principles of food differ. Some yogis practice vegetarianism, others recommend to diversify the diet as much as possible. In what they meet – food has to be freshen, and it needs to be eaten in the small portions. You can repeatedly open the fridge, the main thing is not to eat more, than it is required to you. Be not fond of fat and fried dishes. Much more advantage the boiled, stewed or steamed food will bring. The people long ago practicing yoga consider that gradually the organism itself adjusts to that diet which can bring it the maximum benefit.

4. You want to lose weight by means of yoga – drink as much as possible liquid. Begin morning with glass of warm water with addition of several drops of lemon juice. The increased acidity if you suffer from it will be contraindication to consumption of similar drink, it is better to prefer usual water. During the day also do not forget to have tea, juice without sugar, fruit drinks clear water. It will reduce your appetite and will promote improvement of figure.

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