How to make up pimples

How to make up pimples

Sudden appearance of pimples on the face can create serious problem, especially if you have gathered for important action where you will publicly act or be photographed. You have no time to treat pimples and late already to be engaged in prevention of skin inflammations. In that case the best that you can make, it to hide pimples so that nobody has guessed their availability.

It is required to you

  • Spondzhi and brushes moistening cream basis, camouflage pencil, foundation, powder.


1. Correctly pick up the masking means. First, not to do you without camouflage pencil. It not only will disguise heat-spot, but still will accelerate its healing and will block infection. Pick up pencil with more or less dense consistence. Attentively read information on structure. It can include various curative and antibacterial extracts, various oils and acids. Make sure that you have no allergy to components of cosmetics which you are going to use for masking of heat-spot.

2. Check quality and condition of cosmetics. Cosmetics has to be not overdue, and brushes and spondzh clean. Before drawing make-up surely wash up hands and clean face skin.

3. Choose color of pencil. If the heat-spot is not too inflamed, can use pencil of lighter shade. It is ideal if the proofreader matches your natural skin color or on one or two tones is lighter than her. Pick up shade which will suit natural tone of your skin. The place of processing will be imperceptible if you use pencil of dense texture. The green pencil concealer will help to cope with strong reddenings to you.

4. After you have picked up all necessary masking means, start grimirovka. At first moisturize the clean skin low-fat cream of opaque shade. Apply cream with thin layer. Remember that too fat layer of cosmetics, of course, is capable to hide any pimples, but will vulgarly look. Then, minutes for ten to make-up, apply concealer on those sites of skin on which it is necessary to disguise inflammations. You should not smear. The proofreader is applied on areas of skin pointwise, in the center of heat-spot. Wait until means dries.

5. Now start alignment of tone. Use foundation which suits at the same time both natural tone of skin, and tone of concealer. Distribute it evenly on all face skin. Leave untouched area on which the pencil concealer has been previously applied. In order that this area was not allocated, use spondzhy. He will make border between concealer and foundation imperceptible. Keep in mind that foundation of pink shade will not be able to disguise pimple. Pink color, on the contrary, does reddening more noticeable.

6. At last, it is possible and to be powdered. Friable powder will give to skin dullness and will fix make-up.

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