How to paint with professional paint

How to paint with professional paint

like to change the appearance and to surprise with new rich hair color. At the same time it is better to trust coloring to professionals: they will pick up the brand and tone of paint under your type of hair. However to learn art to paint hair it is possible and independently.

It is required to you

  • - paint;
  • - oxidizer;
  • - gloves;
  • - nonmetallic bowl;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - brush for putting paint.


  1. All know that professional hair-dye wins against the mass analogs as coloring and protection. After professional leaving your hair get not only resistant rich color, but also tenderness and silkiness. Decide on the firm producing professional hair-dye. If you only have begun to use similar dyes, it makes sense to experiment with paint grades, will not find the yet. Anyway trust only the well-known, proved companies. Sometimes the same producer makes both the professional paint, and usual which is on sale in each shop of cosmetics and suitable for house use. Buy paint only in specialized hairdresser's shops. Even if you will be mistaken with the choice, the qualified seller will correct you and will help to decide on purchase.
  2. Choose tone of hair on the palette offered by firm. Attentively consider artificial locks, be convinced that you accept shade which is shown by paint not to light. Be attentive: the provided shade of paint will turn out if your hair have not been painted before. If you already changed hair color, then the final result of coloring will differ from presented on models.
  3. Each shade of paint has the name and digital designation. If the name of color is written rather for the client to help it to provide hair color, then digital designation helps the hairdresser to understand whether paint suits you.
  4. On tube of paint three figures are written. The first is the main tone of hair, following two is shade which will be got by hair, color nuance. The same tone can reflect different shades. Designation of tone fluctuates from 1 to 10, at the same time the it is less than a figure, the hair are more dark. That is the natural brunette has tone of hair No. 1, and the blonde - No. 10 though such fair hair in the nature meets seldom. On professional palette of paints there is section with natural flowers. Putting strips to the provided locks, define your tone.
  5. Choose nuance which will play on your hair. Designations at each producer can vary, but usually the last two figures in the choice of tone designate: 1 – ashes, seryy3 – gold, zheltyy4 – copper, ryzhiy5 – krasnyy7 – brown. If on nuance two different figures, then color play different modulations or to have average value. If the nuance is designated by identical figures, so shade very intensive.
  6. Dyes and oxidizers in professional cosmetics for hair are on sale separately. Oxidizers happen 3%, 6%, 9% and 12%. The desirable tone of hair, the oxidizer higher than a percent to you is lighter it is necessary to choose. Consider that oxidizer is harmful to hair. The higher it percent, the hair suffer stronger. Ask the professional for the help in the oxidizer choice.
  7. On each packing of paint proportions in which it is worth mixing dye and oxidizer are written. Accurately following the instruction, in nonmetallic ware mix ingredients for coloring. Use protective gloves.
  8. It is necessary to paint dry dirty hair. The exception will be at clarification of hair: this coloring is carried out on clean hair.
  9. Distributing hair on small locks, put them on foil, you apply paint and wrap foil so that hair were inside. Surely paint over roots. Lock behind lock paint hair, beginning from the face and passing to nape.
  10. As a rule, professional paint does not flow so it is possible to apply it without foil. Divide hair into small locks. At first paint roots, then you pass to tips of hair.
  11. If you paint hair repeatedly, want to paint over the grown roots and to update a little color, apply paint mainly on roots. Tips of hair are painted in the last turn.
  12. After putting paint wait 30 minutes and well wash away it. Paint is washed away without shampoo, flowing water until water does not become transparent. Apply the looking after balm for several minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team