How to pick up color of lenses

How to pick up color of lenses

It is possible to change the appearance today in the way, very simple and available to many, - to put on color contact lenses. Quite often it happens so that having got contact lenses, people are disappointed in them as color of their eyes seems not such at all, as during fitting in shop or on packing after a while.


  1. To be satisfied with the purchase, it is important to pick up color of contact lenses correctly. First, if you are going to try on various samples of contact lenses, it is better to go to optics without make-up and in clothes of neutral colors. Otherwise it can turn out so that you will pick up lenses which well approach only one image, and they will not be combined with other options of clothes and make-up.
  2. Secondly, before making the choice, think what lenses you would like to have: coloring which will simply emphasize natural color of your eyes or color by means of which it is possible cardinally will change tone of iris, pupil form, etc. It should be noted that your choice at this stage has to depend on that, how dark natural color of your eyes. Coloring lenses look on dark eyes better, but can approach also some light shades gray, and color lenses on dark irises look unnaturally.
  3. The easiest way to pick up the best option of shade of color lenses – to visit optics. In large specialized shops to you can suggest to try on different shades and if you are going to put on lenses for the first time, will choose optimum material for them. However if you are not sure that in optics to you will not suggest to try on lenses which already someone put on, it is better not to use this service as you can get serious disease. Besides, lighting in shop can be quite bright, and having come home, you will find out that you have bought lenses of too dark color.
  4. Safer and convenient, but not always exact, option – use of special computer programs. You can try to pick up color of lenses of the house, for example, by means of the photoshop, however in this case it is impossible to be fully confident that lenses of such shade in general exist. It is also possible to use various websites offering similar service. But it is the best of all to address in optics where all possible options of color lenses which are available at them silt are loaded into memory of the computer it is possible to order. By means of the webcam the expert will load your image, and you will be able to choose for yourself suitable lenses.
  5. At selection of shade of eyes, consider color of the hair, face skin, eyelashes, eyebrows, clothes which is available for you in clothes (if there is no opportunity to buy at once several couples of lenses or new things under color of eyes).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team