How to receive suntan

How to receive suntan

live in the northern country where beach season quite short. But it happens, as the summer at us is cool and rainy. In this case we try to use each sunny day for suntan, but is frequent it insufficiently to receive desirable result. There is opportunity at the minimum time of insolation to receive equal beautiful skin color. For this purpose it is necessary to change diet as our food can slow down or accelerate the suntan received in sunbed or under natural rays of light.


  1. Include carrots in diet. This vegetable contains carotene which is part of the cosmetics intended for suntan in sunbed.
  2. Make obligatory component of the menu olive oil, it will give positive effect together with carrots.
  3. Use boiled egg yolk, it contains vitamin A and many mineral salts. As a part of your diet for suntan it will perform also the regenerating function.
  4. Remember that unripe white cheeses and cottage cheese are very useful to suntan.
  5. Add red meat to diet. Pickle meat, adding to marinade rosemary and kumin. It will prevent release of cancerogenic substances in meat during frying.
  6. Exclude citrus and strong coffee from the list of the consumed products. They slow down suntan.
  7. Make obligatory product for yourself fish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team