How to remove fat in knees

How to remove fat in knees

Fat in knees can appear at girls and women of various parameters. It can arise both as a result of sharp refusal of sports activities, and because of improper feeding. The complex of simple exercises in combination with several important nuances will help to get rid of this problem.

It is required to you

  • - schedule of food;
  • - cabbage and kefir;
  • - honey or blue clay;
  • - jump rope.


1. Define because of what there was problem with legs. If fat has appeared as a result of the termination of trainings, actions will be some if it was in knees always, time and forces for solving problem will leave more. Anyway completely to get rid of excess fat in problem zone, it is necessary to approach the decision in a complex.

2. Healthy nutrition - pledge not only success in disposal of fat, but also health indicator. Before trainings eat proteinaceous food. Cottage cheese and any dairy products, chicken breast, turkey, bean are especially useful. Avoid some greasy and heavy food. Well both fish, and vegetables with fruit will be suitable for food. It is necessary to eat not only the correct food, but also in certain schedule. Make for yourself the schedule. It will be optimum if every day meal is at the same time. It is better to eat with small portions of 4-5 times a day. For breakfast it is possible to eat the most high-calorie food, and here for dinner to be limited to tea.

3. Masks and wrappings become more and more popular in fight against fat. Not exception and fat on a lap. Create to yourself habit to do once a week mask, and 1 time wrapping. There is a lot of recipes of masks for disposal of fat. For example it is possible to take the known recipe of cabbage mask. Take small head of cabbage, chop it. Then mix with small amount of kefir. On consistence the mask has to be rather dense. It is necessary to impose it on previously steamed out legs. And over mask it is necessary to apply cotton bandage. It is necessary to hold mask 15-20 min.

4. The most effective wrappings for legs - honey and clay. Smear honey on problem parts of the body, and atop wind with food wrap. Put on rather warm clothes. Process of imposing of clay mask completely identical. Difference only that blue clay needs to be diluted previously with warm water to gruel. After clay wrapping it is necessary to apply the moisturizing cream that skin was not dry on knees. It is necessary to hold such wrappings 3 hours.

5. The complex of trainings will be optimum if also cardioexercises, and power are combined. Begin with cardiotrainings. Run and sports walking will help to burn quickly excess calories and will warm muscles. It is necessary to run not less than 30 minutes.

6. From exercises squats best of all will approach. Do 3 approaches on 20 times. Gradually increase the number of repetitions and approaches. During squats you hold back exactly, feet have to adjoin to the earth completely. You watch that during squats the weight did not pass to sock. Do attacks. Them there are 2 views: attacks, standing on one place, and attacks when walking. These exercises will help to remove fat on a lap from all directions. Lay down on one side. Bend the leg lying on floor in knee. And by the second leg do waves. It will improve condition of knees on each side. Also the fact that this exercise will help to strengthen also gluteuses at the same time is remarkable.

7. Buy jump rope and jump on it. Begin with continuous jumps within 1 min., and then raise time span. It is also necessary to control quantity of the jumps which are carried out in 1 min. Jumps on jump rope will help to get rid quickly not only of fat on a lap, but also of excess fat on all body. It is possible to replace with this exercise run.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team