How to remove red shade

How to remove red shade

Failures on the way to ideal image can comprehend any. Courageous experiments with the hair often are wrapped for us ridiculously, and even it is tragic. Cases when after clarification the hair find inconceivable shades from light pink to green are so frequent. But this trouble still can be corrected.

1. If you were painted with the paint giving red shade, then when repainting this shade all the same will get out outside. For removal of traces of the previous colourings there are professional and national methods.

2. Professional way is use of special removers. It is possible to find remover in the shops trading in the hairdresser's equipment and means for coloring and hair dressing. It is possible to ask it and the hairdresser. Removers are divided into acid and decolouring. The decolouring removers allow to lighten curls on 4 tones for 1 time. It suits those who painted hair in dark red shade and want to become blonde/blonde. The repeated remover is done in 2 weeks, otherwise hair will just fall off. The acid remover is less aggressive, it extends red pigment, without injuring hair bulbs. Depending on extent of coloring, concentration of active neutralized components in remover, this way will allow not only to wash away paint, but also whenever possible to restore the color. However remover both as process, and as substance it is very harmful to hair as it repeatedly cleans it (after peroxide), destroying at the same time structure. For this reason after the procedure of remover the treatment of locks the special balms containing minerals, vitamins and nutrients is necessary. They not only treat curls, but also well influence follicles, accelerating growth of head of hear.

3. Oils (castoric, olive, almond or burdock), alcohol-containing drinks, fermented milk products can be part of natural remover. It is necessary to take means, to apply it on dry dirty hair on all length, to wind them around the head, to fix film and to put on hat. In half an hour – to wash away hour. For rinsing to add lemon juice or camomile to the last water. Folk remedies work very slowly, but very delicately belong to curls, and many even strengthen hair and follicle. Thanks to such means it is possible to get rid slowly but surely of red and pink shade of the head of hear and to continue the courageous experiments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team