How to save brittle hair

How to save brittle hair

Beauty shops open more and more, but the bad ecology, frequent stresses, the shortage of vitamins and the wrong leaving lead to the fact that hair not only begin to lose gloss and attractiveness, but also become lifeless and fragile. To help hair to return force, it is necessary to begin to look after them competently.

It became difficult to find women who do not subject the hair to constant interventions, such as coloring, chemical wave, use of electric devices for laying. What only there are many ladies for the sake of beauty on. Despite the huge range of care products for hair in shops, the problem of the spoiled hair is relevant. 

But not everything is lost. It is actually possible to keep healthy condition of hair, without losing pleasure to change their shades and without refusing to itself new hairstyles. There are several moments which should be meant, even when it seems that short hairstyle - the only way to rescue. 

  • If you decolour house hair independently, that main thing - it is to think of what percent of oxide you use. If at clarification of all length of hair or only roots you have got used to use the clarifying powder, then you should not take oxide higher than 3%. If you have dark hair, then powder with oxide of 3% is better to part two times in a row, than once to become colourless for 6%, and, especially for 9% and 12%. Remember that hair are spoiled by not clarifying powder, and high percent of oxide. The higher than some of oxide, the it is more than harm for hair. It is the best of all to wash away powder by means of special shampoo which is intended for deep cleaning. 
  • When coloring hair it is also worth reconsidering the relation to paints. If you have no opportunity or desire to visit salon and are painted houses, then it is better to pay attention to professional dyes. Recently it is possible to buy such paints. They can be found in any shop for hairdressers. The main advantage is that they have wide choice of shades, and the most important, opportunity to select oxide developer independently. Sellers can consult on all nuances, but in order that coloring was not harmful to structure of hair, choose such shades of paint which work at low percent of oxide.
  • The big step on the way to healthy hair is the correctly picked up shampoo. If hair often break, split and look dim, then it will be best of all to use the injured hair shampoo. To shampoo it is necessary to buy balm and mask. Masks for hair can be used not more often than two times a week. It is necessary to apply these means according to the following scenario: you wash hair with shampoo, the first time to wash away the main pollution and laying means, and the second time that hair have absorbed all its useful properties. After shampoo the hair need to be blotted with towel that have flown down, the mask is put then. With mask it is necessary to go so much how many it is specified on packing. It is quite enough. After you wash away mask, it is necessary to blot hair with towel again and to apply balm for several minutes. 
  • If you want to grow length, after washing of the head use of means is important for tips of hair. It can be fluid or synthetic oil, for example, means on the basis of oil argon. Such cosmetics is directed to feeding the ends, to save them from the section and fragility. 
  • Moist hair are not recommended to be combed. It is better to wait until they completely dry, and only then accurately to comb, since the ends. Before it it is necessary to apply two-phase spray which will help to moisten hair and to facilitate combing. The hairbrush at the same time has to be with rare teeths.
  • If you have got used to use the hair dryer, then it is better to refuse hot air. Use cool air, keeping the hair dryer at arm's length from hair. Before use of the curling iron and iron surely you apply the thermoprotectant which can also be bought in shop for hairdressers on hair. 
  • For hair recovery, including application of natural masks is useful. One of them - kefiric mask. Kefir has unique structure. Thanks to kefiric fungus, masks on the basis of this product are capable to recover and recover even the most injured and brittle hair. The kefir which is a little warmed up in the microwave oven to warm state is applied plentifully on roots and length of hair. After drawing it is necessary to put on hat for shower and from above warm towel. It is necessary to go with mask not less than one hour. The result is obvious after the first time. Such kefiric masks can be done is not more often than 2 times a week. At regular use the hair will find healthy look, will become obedient, brilliant and strong. But it must be kept in mind that kefir washes away color of paint.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team