How volume to style hair

How volume to style hair

To give the most certain way to hairstyle volume – to comb hair. But it is impossible to abuse it, it spoils hair. There is more sparing laying which will allow you to be proud of the magnificent head of hear.

It is required to you

  • — mousse;
  • — hairspray;
  • — hairbrush;
  • — invisible hairpins.


  1. If you have hair of average length, give them volume, leaving form invariable. It will be especially good to look laying on cascade hairstyles and on the shortened bean. Apply mousse for laying on dry hair. There will be enough approximately palm of laying means, the bigger quantity can weight hairstyle. Pound mousse on palms and evenly distribute on hair, putting from roots and raising hair up.
  2. Slightly dry hair phenom, raising each lock at roots and directing current of air from below up.
  3. Take gel for laying. Pound it in hands and begin to distribute on hair, rumpling locks. At the same time direct the ends of hair inside, do not mention roots, and try to make corner of bend of each lock approximately in 7 cm from hair parting. Continue to shake up thus hairstyle, taking both upper, and lower locks. When laying is ready, fix it by varnish.
  4. On volume laying of long hair you should spend more time and if hair dense and heavy, there are more laying means. At first distribute on all length of the dry combed hair mousse for laying with effect of volume. Divide all shock into large locks about 5 cm wide. Wind each of them on thermohair curlers. Diameter of hair curlers has to be 5-7 cm. Begin to twist hair on occipital part, then you pass to side locks and hair over forehead. Leave hair curlers for time specified in instructions (about 20 minutes).
  5. Remove hair curlers, accurately developing locks. The basis of each of them can be combed slightly – 3-5 movements of hairbrush. Do not comb flowing hair hairbrush. Incline the head down and fingers accurately divide curls into thin locks. Without raising the head, sprinkle hair varnish on all length, then adopt the normal provision and record hair varnish only at roots, raising locks.
  6. Lift locks over forehead and take away back, towards nape. Collect them in plait and pin up on the top invisible beings. At the same time on pull hair – laying has to be very free, slightly negligent. Also arrive with locks at temples and on nape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team