Quick manicure

Quick manicure

Quickly to put hands in order, it is not obligatory to address to salon. You will be able independently to make express manicure. Arm with correctly picked up tools, master several receptions of fast manicure - and your hands will always be beautiful and well-groomed.

Express manicure: rules and cunnings

For fast manicure choose means "2 in 1" - they will help to save time significantly. For example, the hand scrub with natural oils not only will peel the died-off cages, but also will soften skin. The special moistening pencil will help to put quickly in order skin around nails and will make cuticle soft and elastic.

To level length of nails and to give them the necessary form conveniently sharply ground nippers from high-quality steel. They act very accurately, without promoting stratifying of nails. The leveling bars and soft files will help to give to plates ideal smoothness. Do not process plate too intensively - it weakens them. To get rid of grooves on nails, there are enough several smooth movements by bar.

Choose varnishes which give dense covering already in one layer. Quick-drying means will be suitable for express manicure - look for the corresponding mark on bottle. Consider that such varnishes quickly dry up not only on nails, but also in bubble. For recovery of properties of enamel you hold near at hand special thinner - steam of drops will make varnish more liquid and will facilitate process of its drawing.

Fast manicure the hands

Replace the bath softening skin with washing of hands warm water. In moist skin rub oil srub, massage brushes and wash away the means remains. Carefully wipe hands soft towel. Metal nippers level length of nails, remove hangnails. File plates fine-grained ceramic or glass file and slightly polish with bar. Apply on cuticle liquid or gel with fruit acids. In minute remove skin wooden stick or pusher. Excessively expanded cuticle can be cut off very sharp scissors.

Very convenient means - pencil for softening and moving away of cuticle. It can use not only during manicure - process cuticle daily, it will always help to support hands as it should be.

Degrease nails, having wiped them with tampon with liquid for removal of varnish or special napkins. Cover plates with the leveling protective base - it will protect nails from yellowing, and color varnish will lay down more exactly.

If your nails uneven or too soft, put two layers of base, carefully drying everyone.

Cover plates with color varnish of neutral color. Too bright and dark shades demand very attentive drawing. Universal option in the conditions of time trouble - quick-drying dense enamels of beige, pink or cream tones. Also varnishes with glitter will approach - spangles will distract attention from imperfections of covering. Record manicure upper covering with effect of drying. Choose means which adds gloss and quickly dries all varnish coats. You apply it with thick layer on damp enamel - and in 5 minutes the covering will gain mirror smoothness and hardness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team