Removal of gel polish in house conditions

Removal of gel polish in house conditions

Many women have very burning issue - removal of artificial covering from natural nail plate later time after putting gel polish. Practically all who do not go for treatment repeatedly or do not want to remove covering in salon do it incorrectly, thereby very much harm the nails. And meanwhile correctly removed material not so strongly is reflected in condition of nail plate, many problems can be avoided, following simple rules.

  • foil
  • cotton pads
  • liquid for varnish removal
  • orange stick
  • file for natural nails
  • apricot oil or oil for cuticle

1. For a start process cuticle and side rollers or oil for cuticle, either apricot or peach oil. They will protect skin from drying, liquids which it is necessary to remove covering, contain acetone or acetate that can be reflected not in the best way in condition of skin, but do not take essential oils at all, they can make only worse.

2. We take foil and we divide it into 10 identical rectangles about 7 x 4 cm in size.

3. We cut cotton pads on 10 parts approximately suitable by the size to your nail.

4. We wet pieces of cotton pads in liquid for varnish removal. Liquid has to contain either acetone, or acetate. Absolutely sparing liquid for nails will not cope with this task.

5. We put piece of the cotton wool moistened in liquid to covering on nail.

6. We roll up upper phalanx of finger together with piece of cotton pad rectangle from foil and we hold so 10-15 minutes.

7. We remove foil and orange stick we clean off gel polish which under the influence of atseton was reared. It is possible to help a little itself nail or file with small abrasivity.

8. Gel polishes are different therefore some need the additional help by file. It needs to be done very accurately, having convinced that gel polish though has a little softened. Sometimes the finishing covering prevents to get to acetone in gel polish. In that case it is possible to cut accurately file it and to repeatedly apply liquid.

9. After all these procedures you can do manicure as usual.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team