How to divide number into fraction

How to divide number into fraction

The fraction represents the nonintegral or complemented number, for example 1/2 (=0.5) or 7.5/5 (=1.5). The fraction can sometimes be an integer, for example, 20/5 (=4), but then its record does not make that mathematical sense which is brought in fraction.


1. For a start remember that simple or ordinary fraction can be written down the X/Y format where X is a numerator, and Y – a denominator. For example, 1/4, or 0.25 in digital record. For convenience of further calculations it is recommended to write down fraction vertically: numerator, a horizontal strip of division under it, and a denominator under a strip. For division of number into the whole fraction, it is necessary to present number in the fraction form. As the number is quantity of the whole parts, it goes to a denominator, and in numerator what this quantity of parts is divided for receiving itself into registers – that is, unit. 8 it is necessary to write down as 8/1, and 263 – as 263/1 and so on.

2. After that you need to divide number into fraction. Let's assume that you have number 127 and fraction 4/15. Then operation 127: 4/15 it is necessary to write down as follows: 127/1: 4/15;

3. The three-storyed fraction at which average division (division of fractions) needs to be replaced with multiplication turns out, and to turn numerator and a denominator: 127/1 * 15/4;

4. Having written down this action in usual fractions with horizontal division, you receive:(127*15)/4; Result of action 467 1/4.

5. Having counted each fraction on the calculator, you receive the following: 127: 1 = 1274: 15 = 0.2666 … 127: 0.2666 … = 476, 2500001 or 476 1/4. Results completely coincide.

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