How to find a test word

How to find a test word

To find a test word, it is necessary to know an algorithm which can be divided into three stages. The mistakes connected with writing of the checked words, the most widespread because have no accurate regulating rules and norms.


1. In spelling there is a basic rule for check of unstressed vowels in a word. To check an unaccented vowel in a word, it is necessary to change a word so or to pick up such cognate word that the unstressed vowel became percussions. For example: a grass - herbs, stacks - a stack.

2. However except such enough simple and widespread words the school program included words which are not always distinguished as checked. In certain cases it is necessary to consider the processes happening in a word, for example, alternation of concordants: to absorb - a throat. In such cases it is necessary to explain a lexical meaning of a word. To lull - to sing the song when rocking the child: I bayushki-bat. With fairy tales there lives a cat Bayun, he so bat (tells) fairy tales that listeners fall asleep. To enjoy - to test the satisfied state when it is sweet at heart.

3. There are phonetic homonyms (homophones), such words are pronounced equally, but have a different lexical meaning therefore unstressed vowels in a root at them different. Correctly to pick up a test word to such words, it is necessary to consider a lexical meaning of a word. To reconcile friends - to try on a suit (to establish the world or to measure), to turn gray from an old age - to sit on a bench (the set became or sat down), to discharge a gun - to rarefy carrots on a bed (to take out a charge or to make rare).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team