What is peeling?

What is peeling?

True beauty of the person consists not in that how many cosmetics is applied and how many it costs. The healthy and shining skin really will never get out of fashion, looking after the skin, you will get lot of positive emotions and will try to catch on yourself delighted looks of passersby.

Procedure of peeling

All procedure of peeling of face is that the expert the cosmetologist carefully deletes upper layer of your skin. It consists of already died off cages. Technologies move with huge speed and do not give your skin to grow old. By means of peeling, skin is updated many times quicker, than it occurs in the natural way. Sebaceous glands and time are clogged with old skin, and the peeling for one procedure does what skin does in the natural way month. The peeling comprises work with special means which part acids and concentration are.

Peeling for men and women

As it is not strange, but the nature has provided natural peeling for men. It is the procedure of shaving of the person which men perform everyday. By means of shaving, they remove outdated leather, and it looks much more young, grown are depilated. And here for women the peeling was thought up by cosmetologists. Any beauty shop surely applies this procedure as basis for further work with skin. Before putting the rejuvenating and tightening creams and masks, the master processes leather by means of peeling.

Despite safety of the procedure, it is desirable to carry out peeling in beauty shop that the expert at first has estimated safety of peeling for your type of skin. The acids which are part of means, have to approach your skin and not have negative reaction.

Types of impact of peeling on skin

Depending on extent of impact on your skin of superficial, average or deep peeling, you also choose way of influence of peeling. Consider type of skin and its feature.

At chemical influence various acids are used. Some of them: salicylic, glycolic, pyroracemic, lemon and apple acids, vegetable enzymes, are applied to removal of the keratosic layer and are absolutely safe for application in house conditions. As for kojic, phytic, azelaic, retinoic acid help to remove pigmental spots on skin. Applying them in house conditions, you can do much harm your face skin. By means of ultrasound and laser influence you will be able to make peeling in beauty shop, absolutely without serious consequences and very quickly.

Peeling at your place

Follow some rules, before the procedure of peeling:

- do not do peeling at acne rash;

- do not injure processed by means for peeling the person, sunbeds, sunshine;

- do not apply peeling on skin around eyes and in the field of century, lips;

Doing peeling in house conditions consult with the expert about possible negative consequences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team