What permanent manicure differs from usual in

What permanent manicure differs from usual in

From time immemorial women aim at beauty and perfection. The concept of ideal appearance includes not only make-up and hairstyle, but also well-groomed nails. Today there is large number of different types of manicure.

About permanent manicure

Permanent manicure is one of type of hard coatings to nail plate. i.e. such manicure will allow his owner not to remember nail care, at least, for two weeks.

Unlike gel polish, the permanent covering has thinner layer at the expense of what looks on nails more naturally. In addition advantages, such covering does not demand cutting of nail plate. Besides it is removed special liquid, but not by means of file.

Permanent manicure is less traumatic for nail plate, than gel polish.

The main differences of permanent covering from usual varnish

As it was told above, the considered covering keeps on nails for 2-3 weeks. What cannot be told about usual varnish. It needs to be put at least once a week, and often and much more often. The varnished nails rather fragile and fragile. Besides varnish can crack or otkolupnutsya when it is impossible to update manicure this minute. The permanent covering excludes these problems. It is not subject to cracking and, doing nails is stronger, does not allow them to break. In several days after drawing owing to contact with water and household chemicals nail varnish grows dull, and nails lose accurate look. From this point of view the permanent manicure wins. However varnish has also advantages. The nails covered with usual color varnish can be recoloured every day. To update permanent covering so often it will not turn out.

Duration of the procedure of covering of nails permanent basis — 1 hour.

Therefore girls who do not take out monotony will give preference to varnish covering of nails.

Shortcomings of permanent manicure

What over time nails begin to grow belongs to the main shortcomings of manicure of this type. And even by the end of the first week after coating application the basis of nail has noticeable unpainted part of plate. Besides it is impossible to remove this covering independently. It is necessary to address to salon where experts will return to nails original form. Anyway, it is necessary to watch beauty of the hands. To what type of manicure to give preference — personal record of everyone. The main thing that nails looked accurately, and their owner felt comfortable and surely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team