What tell pimples on the face about: we choose treatment methods

What tell pimples on the face about: we choose treatment methods

It is known that various diseases of internals can become the reason of appearance of pimples on the face in the adult. On their arrangement it is possible to reveal problems and to choose treatment methods.

If pimples have developed on forehead and over eyebrows, then it is possible to speak about violation in work of digestive system. To avoid problems with stomach, it is necessary to eat less than the unhealthy, processed, greasy food, sweet, flour. And here fresh vegetables and fruit on the contrary will help to revitalize skin.

On nose bridge and between eyebrows the appearance of pimples because of misoperation of liver is possible. That they have disappeared, it is necessary to exclude alcohol, dairy products, greasy food from diet. Sound long night sleep and physical activity will help with fight against this problem.

Pimples at temples and defects around eyes say that the organism lacks liquid. For achievement of effect it is necessary to drink usual clear water. If problem zone on face – nose, it is possible to speak about violations of warm activity. It is necessary to avoid sharp products, to reduce consumption of fat and fried meat, to watch cholesterol, more often to happen in the fresh air. Products with the Omega-3 and the Omega-6 (fish, nuts, avocado, linen seed) are useful to work of heart. On nose there is a lot of time therefore the cause of pimples on the face in this area can become expired cosmetics, make-up which is not removed for the night. If heat-spots have developed on ears and about lobes, then it is necessary to drink more clear water and to avoid consumption of sparkling water, alcohol, coffee. It will help kidneys to work better. On cheeks there are pimples at those who have problems with respiratory system. Especially at allergic persons and smokers. The refusal of addictions, walks in the fresh air, reduction of the consumption of sugar and fermented milk products, addition in diet of sprouts of wheat and green vegetables will help to get rid of pimples on the face in this area. Problems in corners of mouth and under them speak about hormonal reorganization of organism and stress. It is necessary to get enough sleep, to drink, observe much the mode. Also appearance of pimples in these parts can indicate that the woman has ovulation. If problem area – chin, then it is possible to speak about misoperation of stomach. It is necessary to eat cellulose, to drink herbal teas. Neck spots can be symptom of infectious disease. Rest, large amount of liquid and vitamins is necessary for organism.

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