What will become with navel piercing during pregnancy

What will become with navel piercing during pregnancy

Today many girls at teenage age do themselves navel piercing as the fashionable and allocated ornament. Naturally, they think a little to what consequences can lead puncture, but with pregnancy approach there is set of questions with it connected at once.

The piercing of navel made one one or two years prior to pregnancy is almost safe for his owner. The first months of pregnancy you with ease can continue to wear habitual jewelry. Over time the stomach of the pregnant girl is rounded, and the navel begins to act forward. All this promotes that the earring constantly clings to clothes and is touched with hands at inaccurate movements. Inflammations of skin are in this situation inevitable.

What to do with puncture during pregnancy

To take off earring or to leave piercing – the independent decision of each girl. It is only necessary to know how it is correct to look after the place of puncture during pregnancy otherwise.

For piercing for the period of pregnancy it is necessary to refuse habitual jewelry since they injure skin, clinging to clothes.

If you have decided to leave puncture, then, first of all, it is necessary to take care of special earrings. In shops the choice of similar jewelry is rather big. There are also several types of the materials which are rather flexible to be deformed under the changing shape of stomach. For the period of pregnancy it is recommended to insert, for example, silicone or teflon bar. Care for piercing remains to the same, as before. It is necessary to wash out carefully navel and to grease the place of puncture. If you after all have decided to take out earring, but to leave puncture, then that the opening has not grown, daily insert ornament for one-two minutes. At making decision on disposal of piercing the careful care for the damaged area of stomach is also necessary. It is necessary to watch puncture until it does not begin to live not to allow hit of infection.

Skin in the place of puncture needs to be rubbed with special creams from extensions that the earring did not provoke their emergence.

The extensions and scars caused by navel piercing can be prevented at the correct and timely leaving. If scars after all remained, then the modern medicine and laser grinding will help to remove them after pregnancy.

Piercing to and during pregnancy

The piercing made shortly before pregnancy can bring lot of efforts. It is necessary to watch it more carefully as the puncture is zone of possible hit and development of infection. Infections of this sort, getting to blood, can do much harm to not only mother, but also the kid. It is necessary to wash out not begun to live puncture not less than two times a day. Processing by antiseptic liquids will help to avoid possible hit of infection. During the pregnancy it is not recommended to pierce navel categorically for the same reasons. Besides, "pregnant" piercing will longer heal and to be deformed strongly because of changes of shape of stomach.

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