How to tear off chewing gum from clothes

How to tear off chewing gum from clothes

Agree, it is unpleasant when chewing gum gets on clothes. But do not think that the thing is finally spoiled and is not subject sock any more. There are several methods which will help to clean clothes from chewing gum.

It is required to you

  • Knife, dry ice, the iron, sheets of white paper, liquid soap, spray for removal of spots, vinegar, the denatured alcohol, the purified gasoline, acetone, fermented milk product.


1. First of all, try to remove the maximum quantity of chewing gum from clothes. The less it will remain on fabric, the it will be easier for you to get rid of it.

2. Take any sharp object and accurately hook it chewing gum. Be careful – do not damage fabric! If from chewing gum after all there was trace, use the denatured alcohol. Moisten in it cotton pad and rub spot. After that wash thing in warm soap solution.

3. Freezing will help you to remove quickly chewing gum from clothes. Take piece of dry ice. Apply it to chewing gum and wait minute. Remove ice and just tear off it from fabric as dry crust.

4. Take new chewing gum, properly chew it and knead. Paste elastic band to the place of the stuck chewing gum and pull. Repeat this simple manipulation until fabric does not become absolutely clean.

5. If chewing gum has stuck to clothes, attach to it the sheet of paper and iron the iron. At the same time temperature has to be not less than hundred degrees. If all of you did correctly, chewing gum will remain on paper. Be careful – it is so possible to spoil clothes! Do not use this method on delicate fabrics.

6. Liquid soap or any stain remover will help to remove chewing gum to you. Part cleaning agent in warm water and wet in it for half an hour the soiled clothes. During this time chewing gum will be softened and it can be removed with ease from fabric.

7. For removal of chewing gum from monophonic fabric heat small amount of vinegar to 37 °C and process it spot.

8. Buy the purified gasoline in household shop. Pour it on the stuck chewing gum. After a while it completely will dissolve chewing gum. Before use of gasoline make sure that it will not spoil fabric. For this purpose apply several drops of means on the imperceptible site of clothes and leave for several minutes. Gasoline can be replaced with alcohol or acetone.

9. Wash off the thing spoiled in chewing gum in kefir, curdled milk or sour milk. After that wash it in the normal way.

10. Use special spray for removal of spots. It can be bought in household shop.

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