Zabluzheniya about foundation

Zabluzheniya about foundation

is steady opinion that the woman respecting herself will never go outside with naked, i.e. unprotected, the person. The rain, snow, ultraviolet rays, wind and dust injure skin every day. Foundation creates the protective barrier reducing the harm done by environment factors. But not everyone uses this cosmetic, the reason is in a number of myths about tone cosmetic products.

Delusion No. 1

Many consider that constant use of tone cosmetics causes skin presenilation. It is not always fair. Earlier foundations were created and used only as camouflage means which main objective was in hiding problem sites of the person. Those years their quality strikingly differed from modern. However last decade the producers of cosmetics with the assistance of cosmetologists and dermatologists of the known clinics have improved old and have developed new products which part hypoallergenic sun-protection filters are. As ultraviolet rays influence appearance of early wrinkles, use of tone means with SPF filters significantly softens influence of the sun and reduces risk of presenilation. Besides, modern high-quality creams create the protective barrier reducing effect of negative impact of other external factors on the surface of skin.

Delusion No. 2

The second myth concerns skin pollution by foundation and powder after which use enlarged pores allegedly appear. Perhaps, earlier this statement was also relevant, the consistence of old basic cosmetics has really been brought closer to construction plaster. Rather rough pastelike weight excluded possibility of natural ventilation. Now at foundations of new generation there are silicone fibers which do not hammer skin pores, and close them peculiar grid. In this regard use qualitative liquid foundation, thanks to availability in it of silicone, provides to the person long-term and reliable protection.

The silicone layer allows air to get through protective film, skin breathes. At the same time dust and dirt remain on the film, without adjoining to face skin.

Delusion No. 3

The myth that foundation is very noticeable on face skin also has under itself some reasons. From which the delusion that it can be used only in cases of emergence of irritation, acne rash or emergence of pigmental spots follows. At the unsuccessful choice of color the basis of make-up can become really noticeable. The same effect can be observed if cream is imposed inaccurately or in several layers. To avoid similar excesses, you remember that tone means should not be much, it is necessary to put it with the sponge moistened in water, and the tone should be selected according to shade of your skin.

To be convinced of right choice of color of foundation, apply small amount on the site of skin between big and forefinger, on it the skin color completely matches shade of your person.

Delusion No. 4

There are people, sure that constant use of creams dries skin and promotes emergence of peeling. Some matting and tone products are really capable to delete excess of moisture from the surface of face. This statement concerns only cosmetics intended for oily skin. It contains various substances, vitamins and microelements which eliminate greasy luster and normalizes activity of sebaceous glands, but people with dry and sensitive skin, having applied similar means, can receive negative result. Therefore before purchase always check inscriptions on labels and information on structure in instructions for application. Various vegetable oils, for example, avocado oil, jojoba oil and others are part of the majority of modern foundations. They interfere with removal from the surface of skin of moisture, calm face skin and eliminate some other dermatological problems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team