Trade business

Trade business

Most of the people interested in small business resort to externally simplest option of its realization – trade. Trade business is full of reefs which are not limited to competitors and their lower prices, and come down to inconstancy of the market. For example, photographer's studio and sale of films. Ten years ago all of them prospered, today there will be no madman buying a film which as now it seems to us, costs is overestimated expensively.

Which of them could think that to invest in films and you should not count on them?

Three precepts of the trade businessman

If you are full of desire, but have no sufficient experience therefore you look for what to begin trade business with, we suggest you to learn three simple precepts of the successful seller:

  • to look for new opportunities;
  • to look for new clients;
  • not to miss regular customers.

If to think of these three theses, success is provided to you.

But, not to be content with small, we will talk about global problems of any who is engaged in trade.

Councils for conducting trade

The trade type of business always assumes existence of the contract between the customer and the supplier of goods. It is necessary to provide in it delivery time, responsibility for non-compliance with terms, return of defective goods, payment for goods. If do not deliver you goods in time, delivery can take and month, and more, do not forget about to remind.

Margin – from 1% to 100%. If you count on sale of expensive, exclusive goods not more often than once a week, the margin can be and 100%, but if your specialty is widespread goods, and your business is a grocery stall, receive benefit not at the expense of a high margin, and due to high goods turnover.

Do not worry because of the competitors underestimating cost. They will ruin themselves, and you do not follow their tastes: look for new goods, earn at the expense of them. Never trade with an unprofitable margin.

The better the seller knows the goods, the more he will sell it. The seller has to know and love the goods, to be smiling and sympathetic as each buyer wants that found for it time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team