Who is hostess and what he is engaged in?

Who is hostess and what he is engaged in?

Without having educations and wishing to earn additionally a little, many young girls and guys go to work as the hostess and who is such and what he is engaged in, it will be told in this article.

The hostess's profession - duties

The person at this position can be met in any entertaining institution: club, restaurant, cafe. Besides, they can work at exhibitions, in hotels and even beauty shops. Their task is not to give to clients of an institution to get bored. Duties of a hostes at restaurant can be compared to the waiter's duties. Such person meets visitors, accompanies them to a table, acquaints them with the range of the menu. At emergence of conflict situations between the client and an institution, resolves them.

Duties of a hostes in club or at an exhibition are in communicating with guests and to occupy those who miss alone. In the latter case the girl and the guy serves as the animator, having suggested the visitor to look at stands or exhibits together. The position of the hostess means the duties connected with booking and booking for service of celebrations. That is this person can execute functions of the administrator or the hostess of an institution as knows about all subtleties of work, is well familiar with the menu, operating time of any given master in salon, etc. He has to answer calls and manage to consult calling on the question interesting him.

It is clear, that such person has to have a pleasant exterior, the harmonious and tightened figure, pure and tidy look, the competent speech with good diction and if the main contingent of an institution are foreigners, then it is necessary to know at least English. That is, in fact, the hostess is a person of an institution and its success will depend on its work in many respects.

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