The recipe of orange sauce to a salmon

The recipe of orange sauce to a salmon

Citrus gravy is ideal for the gentle meat of a salmon fried on a grill or baked in an oven. The incompatible tastes of fruit and fish united in one dish, apparently, are perfectly combined and supplement each other. Try to make orange sauce for a salmon with addition of a dry wine, vitelluses or chili pepper, and you all will understand.

Wine orange sauce to a salmon


- 2 oranges; - 200 g of a desi;

- 1 small napiform bulb; - 3/4 cups of white dry wine; - 1 tsps of honey; - 1/3 tsps of ground white pepper; - 0.5 tsps of salt.

The orange dried peel won't taste bitter if to drench still the whole orange with boiled water, and then for a while to lower in cold water.

Peel oranges. Rub a dried peel of one of them on a small grater, for sauce 3 tsps there are enough. Squeeze out juice of citruses. Exempt a bulb from a peel and cut on small cubes. Pour fruit juice and wine in a pan or a stewpan and put on strong fire. Shift onions, a dried peel and honey there. Cut a desi with bars and on one enter into heated orange mix.

Potomite orange sauce at an average temperature without rough boiling until it becomes uniform. Season it with ground white pepper, I will merge, properly stir and remove from a plate. Let's it cool down a little, filter through a sieve or couple of layers of a gauze and give to a salmon.

Egg orange sauce to a salmon

Ingredients: - 1 orange; - lemon quarter; - 50 g of a desi - 2 chicken yolks; - 1 tablespoons of white wine; - 1 tsps of flour; - 3/4 tsps of salt; - 10 g of parsley. Kindle a desi in a deep frying pan. Add to it fresh juices of both citruses, wine, fill flour and implicate it in liquid weight. Shake up yolks in a bowl and slowly enter them into sauce, intensively interfering it with a nimbus. Bring ware contents to solidification approximately in 5 minutes, salt and set aside. Crush parsley greens, pour it into orange gravy for a salmon and water fish.

The recipe with pleasure - hot orange sauce for a salmon

Ingredients: - 1 orange; - 1 fresh Chile pepper; - 1/4 cups of water; - 2 tablespoons of lemon juice; - 3/4 cups of sugar.

With pleasure - hot sauce turns out dense. To make it more liquid, having kept necessary acid, add some orange or pomegranate juice.

Cut orange on a part together with a peel. Cut off a fruit stem at Chile pepper, clean sunflower seeds and largely cut pulp. Put fruit and vegetable pieces in a bowl of the blender and pound. Pour the turned-out weight in glasswares, part with water and lemon juice, sweeten with sugar. Heat sauce in the microwave oven within 2 minutes at the power of 800 Watts then carefully mix and prepare 4 more minutes. Give it to a salmon cold.

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