6 habits which imperceptibly kill your self-assessment

6 habits which imperceptibly kill your self-assessment

The self-assessment is formed for years under the influence of the world around. Underestimating of prevents to achieve success, to construct the harmonious relations. Some habits imperceptibly kill a self-assessment therefore it is necessary to get rid of them urgently.

People with a low self-assessment quite often feel awkwardness. It is difficult to them to be to the company more successful and self-sufficient. At the same time perception of can change on an extent of all life. Victories inspire, give the chance to believe in themselves, and defeats force to begin to doubt. The self-assessment depends on a way of life and thinking. At the same time there are habits which strongly reduce it.

To use goods of poor quality

Cheap things depress the person. Plastic ware instead of porcelain, inexpensive food, things from a sale - when such acquisitions becomes norm in life, it leads to decrease in a self-assessment. It is not obligatory to buy everything in branded shops, but also you should not accustom yourself to inferiority. From purchase of cheap things the mood spoils. Use of them often happens not in joy. The person gradually has a feeling that he is not worthy bigger. To break off this vicious circle, sometimes it is necessary to indulge himself what is pleasant. Even if there is this thing above the average. If acquisition causes internal delight, it has big internal force. 

To love a negative

Psychologists are sure that there are neurotics who need to suffer. It is some kind of scenario of which to get out very difficult. When in life there are not enough reasons for frustration, these people begin to create such events independently, to read depressive literature, to listen to sad music. The self-assessment also suffers from it. Gradually the person begins to feel as a part of the gray and sad world in which everything is bad, including him. 

It is constant to compare

The habit to compare itself to other people is very harmful. In an environment there will always be those who are more successful, beautiful, rich. Against the background of it there is a discontent with, the mood spoils. It is necessary to understand that you will not keep up with all. Small rivalry between friends, acquaintances will do good, will force to move forward. But you should not take all this excessively seriously and painfully. Constant comparison of with others not only reduces a self-assessment, but also takes away a lot of time. And it can be spent for more useful affairs. 

Not to leave the house without preparation

Emergence at work, in theater, at a friendly party means work on the appearance. But if the person gathers more than half an hour only to reach the nearest shop or to throw out garbage, it is a disturbing signal. Such behavior - sign of rejection of, desires to hide shortcomings. The person very much wants to be pleasant to people around. For this purpose he is ready for many victims. The wrong attitude towards itself, fear is gradually formed that nobody will be able to accept its present. 

Not to believe in itself

Successful and self-sufficient people always with advantage perceive compliments. The habit to speak about itself in a negative way or to develop all laudable phrases by 360 degrees kills a self-assessment. People around begin to appreciate the person less. If on a phrase ""as you perfectly look on a photo"" there are answers from the ""well, it is just successful foreshortening"" series or ""all this the photoshop"", it is necessary to change something urgently. The habit to justify, not to believe in the appeal and success will destroy respect for itself. To be engaged even worse constantly in self-abasement, speaking to people around: ""I so recovered" "or" "I was never a beauty"". In this case the person forces to believe in own defects not only himself, but also relatives. The uncertainty and pessimism can be shown also in the speech: ""can be" ", " " it will hardly turn out" ", " "I was just lucky, but more it will not be"" - here typical phrases from a lexicon not believing in themselves. It is important that these phrases appear regularly, but  do not slip from time to time.

To take the place in the last row

Not all people love attention. Someone likes to be more in a shadow. Attending public actions, lectures some consciously sit down on the last ranks that nobody touched them, did not ask opinion. Such habit gradually reduces already low self-assessment. Of course, it is possible to sit further on ""gallery"" and not to get into arguments, but it is necessary to learn to overcome obstacles. The attention of public should not cause fear and horror. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team