6 original ideas for carrying out a children's holiday

6 original ideas for carrying out a children's holiday

Very often we face an issue of entertainment of the child and his guests during the holiday. There is a wish to make everything originally, beautifully, safely, unusually and it is desirable cheap. Actually, the decision lies on a surface.

1. Bowling. It is for this purpose optional to prepare children or to train in something, and, above all, messages in bowling. It is possible to arrange it at home. It is necessary free 10 meters and several empty plastic bottles. Bottles from under water, yogurt or kefir will approach. Also the usual children's ball of the average sizes is necessary.

To teach to play children in bowling these make-shifts easily. Organize a competition between teams. Usually such occupation very much is pleasant to children.

2. Drawings sponge. Take usual scouring sponges, acrylic paint or usual gouache and also sheets for drawing. It is possible to cut out any geometrical figures from a sponge, and if desired and figures of animals. We dip sponges in paint and we receive multi-colored drawings on an album leaf. Show to children as it is correct to do it. At the end it is possible to organize an exhibition of the most beautiful and original works with an awarding the prizes to all participating.

3. Frosty patterns. Take white gouache, an adhesive tape and transparent packages for freezing. In a package pour gouache, about one tablespoon. Attach the closed package to the table edge an adhesive tape. When pressing paint, it will leave original patterns on packages. Children very much will like such occupation, these patterns are very similar to those which are left by a frost on glasses.

4. Suits of fantastic heroes. Paints, color paper, glue and also a roll of old and unnecessary wall-paper or other paper will be necessary. The size of wall-paper has to be twice longer, than the child's trunk. By means of color paper, glue and paints represent various fantastic heroes. It is possible to put a performance, having involved all children. And here suits can be prepared in advance.

5. Fishing. Take a small plastic basin, magnets, paper clips, color cardboard, also the box from under footwear or small household appliances perfectly will approach. Cut out different small fishes from cardboard. Attach a paper clip to each small fish. Fix magnetics on the ends of a rope, and tie a rope to a stick and give to kids that they caught small fishes. It is possible to organize a competition and to film it. Certainly, boys will remain delighted with such occupation, but it will be pleasant and to girls.

6. Orchestra. Take plastic bottles, fill them with loose products. Also plastic buckets, covers from pans, disposable plates will be useful. Distribute all tools to children, show what sounds they can make. Set speed, and children with pleasure will support it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team