Whether the 6-month-old child can watch TV

Whether the 6-month-old child can watch TV

It is difficult to many people to present the life without TV. But when in family there is a child, young parents quite often ask a question whether the kid and at what age it is worth beginning similar entertainments can turn on the TV. 

Why the TV is harmful to the 6-month-old child?

For the last 2-3 decades of a trend in animation considerably changed. "Good old cartoons" are not so popular for a long time as earlier. In spite of the fact that modern animation videos not less good and beautiful, they have a key difference - very high speed. Yes, modern children easily perceive information in a similar rhythm, however for the six-month-old child promptly changing shots - too heartrending experience for mentality.

Perhaps, can seem to parents that the 6-month-old kid likes to watch TV and he even understands something. Actually it is excluded: at such age the child is not capable to comprehend even the most elementary plot. For the baby any video will seem only the flickering light shots which are capable "to brainwash" it, to some extent.

The TV can do essential harm to the baby. Even the most positive transfers and cartoons - too big load both of sight, and of a brain of the baby. 

Some pediatricians hold the opinion that you should not turn on the TV at the child up to 2 years, not to mention earlier age. Besides, it is recommended to get rid of a habit to leave the TV included in background the mode. 

Possible advantage of the TV for the baby

In spite of the fact that impact of the TV on the small child is negative and it is better not to turn on this device in the presence of the baby at all, there are several situations when it is worth making an exception.

If the six-month-old child shows invariable interest in the TV, resort to cunning. Include special videos in which pleasant music sounds, and shots are replaced very slowly. For example, it can be shooting of the nature under sounds of classical or meditative music. Similar rollers can even calm the kid who is inclined to nervousness and excessive activity.

When the kid does not give to mom in general the chance to be distracted by something, at the same time shows interest in the TV, distinctly fixing attention on a video series, it is possible to make an exception. There will be nothing terrible in including kind animated films for several minutes. In it time mom will be able to descend, for example, in a shower or to warm a lunch. After that it is necessary not just to switch off the TV (so the baby can be upset), and at first to distract it a toy or other occupation. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team