As it is correct to finish feeding the kid mix if a little breast milk

As it is correct to finish feeding the kid mix if a little breast milk

Appearance of the child on light is, probably, the most considerable event which can take place. This happiness for each woman. But with the advent of the kid mummies have a set of the questions including concerning feeding of the child.

Each woman wishes for the child only the best. And what can be better than some breast milk for the newborn baby? Nothing! Young mummies are afraid that their child lacks milk that it is not such fat. But if the woman conceived the child, took out him and gave rise, then she will be able to support him a breast.

What problems can arise when feeding

First of all it is necessary to learn to put correctly the child to a breast, then it will be convenient to it to suck and he will eat so much how many it is required to it. Put the child not on hours, and on demand when the kid asks. If you think that milk is not enough, do not worry, it arrives when the kid sucks a breast. The organism of the woman is arranged so that milk is allocated so much how many it is necessary for the child. Try to relax when you feed the child and not to be nervous, then milk will be well developed, and the child will quietly eat.

What after all it is worth paying attention to understand there is enough milk or not?

If the kid eats, but not enough milk badly puts on weight, so at you really. Your pediatrician says that the kid has an underweight. Also pay attention to urination of the child. If the kid urinates less than six times a day, then it can be because of malnutrition too. At normal food the child has to urinate not less than 6 times a day, urine has to be transparent and almost flavourless. And if you see that after feeding the kid is concerned, so he did not eat up.

What to do if there is not enough milk

If the kid lacks milk really, then it is necessary to pass to the mixed feeding, that is to give both a breast, and mix. At first you give to the child a breast (both breasts), and then you finish feeding mix. Between feedings up mix stand hour three and if the kid asks to eat at this time, then give it a breast. Remember that in the morning of milk it is more, than in the evening. It is necessary to give a breast at night.

How many it is necessary for mix

How to understand how many the child did not eat up how many mix is necessary? At first you will need to weigh couple of days of the child before feeding to understand how many he eats milk. Your pediatrician has to calculate norm and help with the mix choice, and after that it is, gradually, possible to enter artificial milk, since 10 ml and reaching standard daily rate. The main thing - do not lower a hand, fight, raise a lactation. Any mix will not replace some maternal breast milk.

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