As only the been born child looks

As only the been born child looks

In many movies it is possible to observe process of the birth on the child's light. Desperate shouts of mother, a severe look of the doctor and, at last, the baby on hands of the midwife! Probably, each mummy in soul smiled at a look on the kruglolitsy shchekasty tot who weighs at best kilogram 5... Actually all far not so.

Newborn child

Houses all relatives imagine the angel at the time of their acquaintance and slightly are disappointed when they see something similar to a young frog - same small and helpless. If to speak about a type of the newborn in the first seconds of life, then it is not similar to the child from the picture and many mothers, especially at all if it is first labor, feel fear and easy bewilderment as think that with their child something is not right. Initially to prepare mummies, there is a school of young mothers where the gynecologist will tell about this and many other and will psychologically adjust on proper response at the sight of native the child.

Ugliness or norm?

Having appeared on this light, the baby has the big head, a small little body and it is normal till some time. The head has the ovoid form, such it becomes during passing in patrimonial ways this results from the fact that skull bones very soft, and they will take a normal form several days later. Vegetation on a head can be the most various - it is possible to see both total absence of hair, and a long head of hear... Color of eyes approximately at all is identical, reminding a sea wave, for the first year of life it will become clear whose color of eyes was borrowed by the successor or the successor. Happens that in the presence of patrimonial hypostasis the kid cannot open eyes completely. It is not necessary to sound the alarm in advance, for 5-10 day of life the kid will please parents with the big eyes. Especially sharply parents react to squint of children. The thing is that muscles of eyes will get stronger over time, and to a floor to year this symptom will disappear.

More often kids are born with a down on all body and the patrimonial lubricant similar to white cream. By means of this lubricant it was much easier for kid to move on patrimonial ways, the down is intended for some protection of gentle skin too and over time will imperceptibly disappear. The red skin color says that the layer of subcutaneous fat is quite thin and all vascular spider lines are simply very noticeable. For the second day after the birth, after several intake of maternal milk, the skin color forever changes in light pink. Because of a hyper tone of muscles of babies many mothers in the first days and even hours sound the alarm - why the kid all such crooked hands are compressed in a cam, legs are turned in under a tummy? This fact should not concern adults approximately up to 3-4 months of life of the child because it is norm and does not pose any threat for health of the newborn. Mom always falls in love with the kid at first sight, she is not pushed away by his appearance, by no means. Even on the contrary, she thinks - what you small, defenseless and very best beautiful! It is promoted by change of a hormonal background right after childbirth, the maternal instinct begins the eternal unruly work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team