How to tell parents about pregnancy

How to tell parents about pregnancy

If pregnancy long-awaited and planned, for you and for your parents it, for certain, is pleasant news. In such situation how to report a joyful message, the question will not arise. But what to do if you have no constant guy, you are too young, and pregnancy absolutely unplanned? How to tell about it to parents?

It is required to you

  • Desire to tell parents about pregnancy.


1. Make the plan. It will be much easier to tell parents about the pregnancy to you if you accurately define, what do you think of it. You have to solve whether you want to leave the child. If you plan to leave the kid, important to make the plan of further actions: works, studies, providing and child. Only after that it is worth beginning a conversation with parents, it is not necessary to show you it the helplessness and uncertainty anyway.

2. Protect the decision. If you decided to tell parents about the pregnancy, but they not only did not support you, but also began to overpersuade you, accurately defend the position. Several times tell parents about the plan for further life and you give counterarguments on their offers. At the same time you, for certain, will manage to predict arguments of parents in advance, having well thought of a situation.

3. Listen. Anyway, but parents will always remain people closest to you. Considering it, surely listen to all councils and the recommendations of mom and dad. Remember that your parents wish well to you only and act only for your benefit.

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