As the age of parents affects health of the child

As the age of parents affects health of the child

The question as age of parents affects health of the child, long ago concerned scientists. Despite the numerous conducted researches, a question remains relevant and today. There is it owing to the fact that results of researches often very much differ, and at times they are directly opposite. So, some researchers claim that the healthy posterity can be born only at young parents, others say that children at elderly couple are always more viable and have tendency to longevity.


1. The age muzhchinyvozrast the father has smaller influence on health of the child, than age of mother. Though synthesis of sex hormones at men also decreases by 45-60 years, however, it does not speak about full fading of their reproductive ability. The natural biorhythm of decrease in synthesis of testosterone (main sex hormone) is made by about 1% each next year. It means that even in 80 years the man can have reduction of production of testosterone approximately for 25-50% in relation to norm. It is good if not to tell excellent, an indicator in respect of conception of the child. However, it is less chances to become the father at this age, spermatozoa are not so mobile and durable, but a statement that such fathers have children with pathologies, is, according to physicians, the myth, no more. That is such probability is not excluded, but with age men it is connected a little.

2. And still some scientists are inclined to believe that "contribution" of elderly fathers in health of the child bears in itself risks. So, in the scientific environment studying this question it is considered to be that the men who stepped a semicentennial boundary transmit to the posterity autosomal and prepotent diseases 15-20% more often, it is connected with the wrong cell fission. Among such diseases: neurofibromatoses (changes in nervous system and a mutation on skin), Aper's syndrome (anomalies of a skull and brushes), a dwarfism (akhondroplaziya) and also autism, schizophrenia, epilepsy, tumors and congenital heart disease. Despite existence of risks, practice shows that elderly fathers presently not a rarity and that at them grow healthy beautiful, and it is frequent also ingenious children. Just at this age the man has to argue sensibly and before getting posterity, it is obligatory to undergo medical genetic consultation. It is necessary to talk frankly to the geneticist and to point to all congenital malformations for the 3rd last generations for the purpose of definition or an exception by the doctor of a defective gene. And still the man should hand over a spermogram regarding quality of sperm.

3. Age of a zhenshchinyuva, at the woman after 36-40 years risk to give birth to the disabled child increases. Genetic pathology – a Down syndrome is most widespread. Not one generation of geneticists struggles with a solution of the mechanism of this phenomenon, but so far nobody can give definite answer. Meanwhile, the fact remains: at women 35 years are younger every 400th is born a Down syndrome, at 40-year-old mothers with this disease every 109th kid is born, at women 45 years are more senior the Down syndrome is observed at every 32nd child. The woman after 35 years also risks to give rise – the insulin-dependent child (diabetes of the I type). In 35 years the risk increases by 20-25%, and then increases with every five-years period. So, for the woman after 45 years risk to give birth to the child who by 18-20 years will have a diabetes raises by 3 times.

4. In the conditions of bad condition of the ecosphere, as a result of the improper or unbalanced feeding and also addictions and an inactive way of life health of many women excellent cannot call more senior than 40 years. Quite often to this age the big bunch of diseases is saved up. Certainly, it can affect health of future child too. Sad statistics … However modern means of prenatal diagnostics and the latest developments of medicine in the sphere of conducting pregnancy allow to raise significantly an age bar of women who bear and give birth healthy kids.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team