As the law of pair cases works

As the law of pair cases works

The law of pair cases exists long ago, however its essence is still up to the end not clear to neither philosophers, nor physicists, nor mystics. It is about the repeating situations – besides situations unusual and even extraordinary.

What is the law of pair cases

Carry the bright, memorable situations which repeat twice (or at least twice to the law of pair cases if repetitions appear more). For example, in a week after registration of an extract of the patient with very rare diagnosis in the same hospital there can be the second patient with a similar disease.

It is important that situations were unusual or somehow drawing attention. About the daily repeating things the speech does not go.

The law of pair cases can work both for one person, and for different people. For example, if the woman once endured strange theft when she watched closely the property, but after all did not save it, after a while the situation can repeat. Cases when several different people, acquaintances or not acquaintances with each other, appear in very similar circumstances also belong to this law.

Classical example: the person faces unusual breakage of the car, and someone from drivers stops on the road and helps to fix a problem. Several days later the same person stops itself to help the stranger, and finds the same problem with others car.

In what secret of the law of pair cases

The exact answer to a question, the law of pair cases and why he in general acts how exactly works, does not exist. Nevertheless there is a number of theories which can explain something. The easiest to offer an explanation of situations which are based on human observation. For example, the man bought a car of the rare brand and suddenly noticed the similar car of the same color on the parking though before he did not see such cars. A secret can be in how people perceive reality: after some events they begin to notice what was ignored before.

Alas, there is no explanation for more obvious things. It is hard to say why the same person two times in a day sees how it is stolen a march by a black cat.

There is also mystical explanation of similar situations. The law of pair cases is always based that something surprised the person or even shocked. Strong emotions force it again and again to think of a situation, being afraid of its repetition. As a result of a thought become material, and the undesirable event takes place. So the person who is afraid that he will fall a victim of robbery as well as his neighbor, and really can face such problem. However in it there is also a consolation: if to focus attention only on positive situations, it is possible to create a pair case, pleasant and desirable for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team