As the person changes with age

As the person changes with age

It is considered to be that people change with age. Time for anybody does not pass completely, on everyone will leave the print. With age both the appearance of the person, and his behavior changes.


1. Aging - natural process in an organism. It will come, and to avoid to nobody it. With age the human body begins to change. At the same time at some people it can undergo the minimum changes, and at others to become perfect another. Also the character of the person and also his behavior changes.

2. After 20 years the brain begins to grow old. Thoughts of people become more mature. If in the childhood of people dreamed of candies, toys and the other benefits, then at more adult age the inquiries become far more serious. The small child demands implicit performance of the desires. The teenager begins to realize that not everything in this world will be as he will want. The adult begins to plan something and to achieve the objectives, realizing that nothing will change if he does not make the efforts for it.

3. The appearance of skin also changes with age. The first wrinkles appear about 30 years. Women seek to rejuvenate the skin, using various means. However time not to stop - velvety children's skin is replaced smooth young, and then becomes wrinkled old. The face and all body in general, undergoes changes. Sometimes, having met the person after long years of separation, it is not always possible to recognize him. Time does the part and changes our body.

4. With age the person begins to lose muscle bulk. After 40 years the sight begins to worsen. If the person well saw in youth, then by forty years he will develop far-sightedness. Skeletal system becomes less resistant to damages, and the male skeleton loses less mineral substances, than women's. At men the risk of developing of cardiovascular diseases becomes more frequent. There can be atherosclerosis.

5. By fifty years there can be problems with memory and concentration. Hearing in 20 percent of cases also worsens. The risk of decrease in hearing can arise during the period from 45 to 65 years. Because heart begins to fight more slowly, hands and legs of the person become colder.

6. Having grown old, the person becomes below the usual growth. The bearing will not be a straight line any more, and the body so obediently to obey. Some people by an old age become more stout, skin becomes drooped. From wrinkles not to get to already anywhere - it was necessary to fight against them in youth, less by an old age would be possible then them. But nobody can guarantee it. Time does not spare anybody and it is impossible to stop it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team