As well as for how many the stopper before childbirth departs

As well as for how many the stopper before childbirth departs

Office of a mucous stopper – obvious sign of fast childbirth which speaks about the beginning of disclosure of a neck of the uterus. Let's consider as well as for how many the stopper before childbirth departs.

It is considered that it is necessary to wait for childbirth after office of a stopper of two days of two weeks. Actually, the stopper can depart and directly before the fights, and a little earlier, than in two weeks before. And in most cases it is normal too.

On that for how many the stopper before childbirth departs, several factors influence. But before speaking about all the rest, we will remind that this process is not always noticeable. It is simpler when the stopper remained on linen. Otherwise it can fall in a toilet or to be washed away in soul.

What pregnancy?

At primipara the uterus reveals slowly. The stopper most often leaves not in the form of dense formation of a characteristic form, and in the form of one or several clots of slime. Therefore its emergence can be missed.

On the other hand, even fragments cannot be confused with other allocations: they very sticky to the touch, dense and "marble" by sight. Small clots of blood – literally one-two drops are admissible.

As the stopper before childbirth at primipara slowly departs (according to the speed of disclosure of a uterus), and after that it is necessary to wait for approach of childbirth, most likely, long.

At povtornorodyashchy there are more chances to see a stopper of a characteristic form. High probability that fights will begin through couple of days after that, or immediately.

Whether there were problems during pregnancy?

Repeated childbirth, as a rule, occurs quicker, proceeds easier and more intensively. It is connected also with the speed of disclosure of a uterus and quality of fights. But if pregnancy went with deviations, then it will affect also the course of childbirth, and the course of the preparatory period when harbingers appear.

  • At a mnogovodiya the childbirth can suddenly begin. The stopper sometimes leaves together with outpouring of waters and the beginning of fights.
  • At lacks of water the patrimonial activity often is weak, but how and when the stopper will depart, depends on other factors. Here emergence of harbingers about normal terms is probable, but the stopper will depart, most likely, slowly.
  • Dribble amniotic under means that the stopper already began to collapse. In this case it can leave much earlier and extremely fragmentary.
  • If throughout pregnancy because of a uterus hyper tone often there was a threat of an abortion, the stopper can depart very much early. On the other hand, the uterus can independently reveal a little (with a stopper exit) even if planned Cesarean section because of weak patrimonial activity at hormonal problems is necessary.

Whether stimulation of fights was carried out?

Any stimulation of patrimonial activity can affect the speed of an exit of a mucous stopper.

  • If the woman continues to have sex, and on a neck of the uterus sperm gets, then the hormone which is contained in it prostaglandin stimulates softening of a neck. It will begin to reveal quicker, and it will be possible to see a stopper earlier too.
  • Physical activities and nervousness cause "training" fights in the second and third trimester. Closer to date of estimated childbirth all of them cause their beginning or otkhozhdeny traffic jams more probably.
  • Examining a neck of the uterus before childbirth, the gynecologist can intentionally or is unintentional damage (or to remove) a stopper. Not always report about it to the pregnant woman.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team