Children's policlinic: instruction for application

Children's policlinic: instruction for application

For young mothers the travel to children's policlinic in most cases is wrapped in a stress. That this event was painless as much as possible, several hints how to park a carriage that it was not stolen as it is correct to get in a queue to the doctor, than to occupy the kid in a corridor what to observe in an office of the doctor and that to make houses after visit of policlinic.

1. Parking of carriages, bicycles and sledge. Purchase of vehicles of kids costs to us considerable money. Therefore it is necessary to take care of their safety. In any household shop to buy here such lock. By means of it you will be able to block a carriage near policlinic and not to be afraid for its safety. Not so simply at all in sight to saw a metal cable.

2. We hand over things in clothes.

In those policlinics where the clothes are provided, it is better not to ignore it. It is better to take off outerwear at once and to put on boot covers, so you will get rid of excess hand luggage and completely will focus on the child. If you have no opportunity to hand over clothes in clothes, it is more expedient to undress just before an office of the doctor, after obtaining the coupon in registry.

3. We get in a queue. Getting in a queue, take an interest for whom the last person in turn borrowed. Thus, if you lose sight of him, you will have an opportunity to hold turn for previous. 4. We wait for appointment. If your kid is less than 6 months old, it is the best of all to put him in carrying that he could have a sleep in "cocoon", without being distracted by extraneous noises. If already more than half a year it is better for fidget to take toys. Take those toys for which it is not a pity as you can break/tear/lose them. Be tolerant to other mothers, it is also hard for them, as well as you. Show the benevolent relation: ask children to play together, participate in this game. Waiting for reception it is possible not only to hide in phone, but also with benefit to spend time: to read the new book, to collect a new puzzle or just to play not noisy game.5. On reception. You hold the child on hands or by a hand, do not leave him without viewing for a minute. From a changing table it can fall, and the child is more senior the medical equipment can grab or to scatter cards. Help the doctor with inspection of the child. Learn how it is correct to hold the head for survey of an ear, throats. Do not forget to watch that the doctor had clean hands and clean tools. Your remark in this respect will be not superfluous. Health of the child is more important, than ethical aspect.6. After visit of children's policlinic. After arrival home wash toys which you took, and wash diapers and children's things in which your child was in policlinic.

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