Conversation with the child about sex

Conversation with the child about sex

Sooner or later there will come such moment when the child asks parents a question: "From where I appeared?". Often it will accept the answer that from a mother's tummy, but there passes time, and to the child such answer suffices already. And here the conversation about sex becomes relevant.


1. The most important that should be remembered – if does not interest your child detailed information, do not organize it a lecture – time did not come yet. You tell honestly, such answers as "found in cabbage" or "the stork brought" the child will arrange for a while and when he after all learns the truth, he can lose to you trust.

2. You speak with it language, simple and available to it, and do not torment him with anatomy. Besides, it is not necessary to run away from the answer, then your child can learn the answer from friends and on the Internet, and your eluding will convince him that he is interested in shameful things.

3. Hormonal changes at the child begin to happen during the period from nine to twelve years though they externally also are imperceptible. At this age it is already necessary to show an initiative and to begin to acquaint little by little the child with the first changes of their organism that boys were not afraid of an erection, and girls – the first monthly.

4. Explain to the child that there is nothing shameful in lack of sexual experience, and touch with it upon subjects of sexual diseases, pregnancies, abortions and let's it read specialized literature on contraception.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team