Definition of pregnancy on early terms

Definition of pregnancy on early terms

When the woman very much wants or, on the contrary, does not wish pregnancy approach, she is concerned by a question: how to define pregnancy on early terms?


1. The most reliable way of definition of pregnancy on early terms is blood test on HGP (horionichesky gonadotrophin of the person) - so-called hormone of pregnancy. The analysis is carried out laboratory and reveals pregnancy existence earlier, than house tests for pregnancy.

2. One of early signs of pregnancy - the nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach caused by preparation of a uterus for incubation of the child, attachment of fetal egg for a uterus wall. It is easy to confuse this sign with similar feelings during the period preceding the beginning of periods.

3. Treat the same signs: differences of mood, increase in appetite, dizziness, swelling of mammary glands, strengthening of sensitivity of a breast, morning nausea and change of food preferences. These early signs of pregnancy are disputable as they can indicate hormonal failures, diseases of digestive system, overfatigue, etc.

4. Also the woman can note that veins on a breast, the top part of a thorax became more expressed. It is caused by the fact that from the first days of pregnancy the blood volume in a female body gradually increases.

5. It is possible to define pregnancy on early terms by house means: tinctures of iodine and baking soda. These tests can reveal features of food of the woman and also some diseases of kidneys which lead to change of acidity of urine. They can be seen off in the form of entertainment, but you should not trust them for hundred percent.

6. Among national ways of definition of pregnancy also interpretation of dreams enjoys wide popularity. So, it is considered that the woman is pregnant in case sees fish in the dreams. At the same time fishes with female names point to conception of the girl, fishes with men's names, respectively, speak about conception of the boy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team