For what fizkultminutka in kindergarten are necessary

For what fizkultminutka in kindergarten are necessary

In the course of studies the child of preschool age can quickly get tired. For recovery of its working capacity fizkultminutka will see off. The role of a fizkultminutka consists in its variety of impact on physical, emotional and psychological development of the child.

Improving value of a fizkultminutka

One of the main directions of work of kindergarten is preservation and promotion of health of the child. Educational classes which are given in kindergarten demand from the child of assiduity and concentration. Properties of nervous system of children of preschool age it is characterized by fast fatigue.

Even the first signs of exhaustion reduce efficiency of children, worsen attention and perception of a training material. The significant effect on an organism and its working capacity render the physical exercises which are carried out in various forms in kindergarten. On the physiological value the fizkultminutka are a type of active holiday. The physiological mechanism of active holiday consists in switching from activity of some nervous centers which are getting tired during the work to activity of other centers connected with regulation of movements at physical exercises. Change of types of activity of the child promotes increase and maintaining intellectual activity during the classes.

The complex of a fizkultminutka includes short-term exercises for hands, development and strengthenings of muscles of a humeral belt, a back, legs. The serial tension and relaxation of muscles in combination with rhythmical breath promotes strengthening of an organism of the child, elimination of developments of stagnation in the blood circulatory system, to strengthening of a metabolism. Fresh air – the main condition of carrying out a complex of a fizkultminutka. Performance of physical exercises at the windows opened in the summer and during the winter period - transoms increases the resilience of an organism of the child to catarrhal diseases.

Role of a fizkultminutka in development of the psychoemotional sphere of the child

At preschool age there is an active mastering the speech. Therefore carrying out a complex of a fizkultminutka in kindergarten usually is followed by amusing rhymes and songs. Pronunciation aloud of poetic and song forms contributes to the development in pupils of organs of articulation, thinking, memory. The essential value has an emotional color of a fizkultminutka. Children like to carry out sports exercises to the sound of music. Thus they learn to feel a rhythm and rate of a melody, are enriched with musical impressions, develop ear for music. Inclusion in the maintenance of a complex of a fizkultminutka of simple dancing steps develops coordination of movements and ability to move rhythmically. The physical exercises entering a complex have to change each 2 weeks. Learning of various physical exercises in a complex of a fizkultminutka allow the child to get acquainted with new types of movements. Systematic performance of a fizkultminutka forms at the preschool child requirement to regular trainings of physical education.

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