Frequent chair of the child: norm or pathology

Frequent chair of the child: norm or pathology

Frequent chair of the child — a reason for concern of parents. But it does not say that the state of health of the kid is satisfactory. Happens that frequent depletion is caused by a variety of reasons.

The child who is on breastfeeding will be emptied more often, than the kid who is fed with mixes. Why? At the baby, being on artificial feeding, a chair more dense and dense, and at the tot eating breast milk — kasheobrazny and liquid.

Color calla

On color (yellowy-brown and green) excrements it is also possible to judge the state of health of the child. And both cases are considered as norm. The fact is that in a human gall bladder two pigments painting kcal are allocated. They are called bilirubin and biliverdin. The first does excrements green, and the second — yellowy-brown. Apparently, everything is simple. So if the kcal of your child has green color, can not worry. Just for a short interval in a gall bladder only bilirubin can be emitted.

Frequency of depletions

Also the frequency of depletions concerns careful parents. In the first three months the digestive tract of the kid is still badly adapted to food which besides is badly acquired. Therefore if the baby is emptied less often than the age-mates it means that in his stomach food is better acquired. If the kid goes to a toilet at least once in three days, it is considered normal. It is not necessary to give it laxatives, to give enemas and do other manipulations which purpose is to help the child to be emptied. It is only possible to aggravate with such ways situation, having caused accustoming that threatens with the fact that in the future the tot will not be able independently to go to a toilet. If the child is emptied by a liquid stream which consistence is similar to water, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. It can lead to the fact that the children's organism will get dehydration. In this case pear juice, rice broth, carrot soup, bananas puree very much will help.

General condition of the child

If the baby behaves as usual, is not capricious, with pleasure eats, sleeps, plays, so parents have no reasons for concerns. If the kid became worse to feel, be capricious, it is necessary to see a doctor. If the child has a swelling, he pulls legs, strongly cries, it is necessary to use all possible methods to get rid of the gases which accumulated in the tot's intestines. Here massage of a tummy, an exhaust tubule, medicines, dill water, a hot-water bottle, plentiful drink will come to the rescue. In this case it is impossible to feed the baby. It is necessary to carry it on hands in vertical position.

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