How to disaccustom the child to sucking of a dummy

How to disaccustom the child to sucking of a dummy

Dummy (easier to say a pacifier) since the birth everywhere near the kid. But there comes the moment when it is necessary to disaccustom the child to sucking of a dummy. At first sight just to make it, but in practice there is everything absolutely in a different way. The kid begins to be capricious and cry immediately, demanding a pacifier back. Therefore parents look for the answer to a question: "How to disaccustom the child to a pacifier"?

Why to disaccustom the child to a dummy

There is a number of bad points from long sucking of a dummy. Here belong:

- over time there is a violation of a bite

- reduction of a sosatelny reflex

- violation of a diet

- risk of hit of infections in a mouth

- delay of psychomotor development.

In the first months of life of the kid of a nipple helps it to fill up, calms at gripes in a stomach and a teething. But it is desirable from 9 months when the child has no resistant dependence on a sosatelny reflex yet, to begin breaking from a dummy.

Method of smooth refusal

Try to give to the child a pacifier only before going to bed, and try to limit sucking of a dummy in the afternoon. Offer the child a certain game in which in the afternoon he does not touch the pacifier.

Suggest the kid to replace a pacifier with something tasty, for example, fruit or yogurt. Do not give harmful sweets, otherwise then it will be difficult to disaccustom. Not only food, but also the offer to esteem the fairy tale can act as replacement, to play favourite games, etc.

If the child has already more than a year, tell him about harm of a dummy in an easy form, without sharp statements.

If it is impossible to disaccustom the kid to a pacifier in the afternoon at once, try to take away it before evening bathing. So the kid will distract and will be capricious and cry less.  

As it is impossible to disaccustom to a pacifier

- to throw out a pacifier in a garbage can at the child

- to disaccustom during a teething or an infectious disease

- to grease a pacifier with mustard or pepper

- to violently take away a dummy from the kid

- not to react to the child's hysterics

- to damage a pacifier in front of the child

- shouts on the kid during breaking

- to tell horror stories about a pacifier.

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