How it is correct to treat the umbilical wound of the newborn?

How it is correct to treat the umbilical wound of the newborn?

At the child's birth the umbilical cord is cut off not end-to-end, and leaving a small tail. This tail gradually withers and independently disappears, the umbilical wound is formed. Sometimes it happens in maternity hospital, sometimes already at home. Behind an umbilical wound after the umbilical cord rest disappears, it is necessary to look after.

It is required to you

  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - Q-tips;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - brilliant green.


1. It is desirable that the rest of an umbilical cord disappeared. You should not turn off it violently. Usually it occurs approximately for 5-7 day of life of the kid. It is necessary to treat the umbilical wound twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. It is simple to do it, it is only necessary to be accustomed. You remember, in an umbilical kanatik there are no nervous terminations. From your manipulations on processing of an umbilical wound the kid does not feel any pain.

2. For a start it is necessary to process a wound hydrogen peroxide: drip a small amount of peroxide on a wound or carry out on it by the cotton wool moistened in peroxide. It will be more convenient to you if after peroxide hisses, you remove its excess remains dry pure cotton wool.

3. Crusts which already disappeared after peroxide can be removed with a Q-tip. But it is not necessary to tear off them independently: remove that razmokl also departed.

4. Further it is necessary to smear an umbilical wound with brilliant green by means of a Q-tip. Brilliant green will accelerate healing, will dry korostochka. No healing ointments should be applied! The wound has to dry up on air.

5. Further just button a diaper, having a little turned in its edge. Many models of diapers for newborns provide an opportunity to bend a corbel that it did not rub an umbilical wound. It is not necessary to close it any bandages.

6. To bathe the kid in the period until the umbilical wound healed yet, it is better in the boiled or filtered water. You have to know accurately that in water for bathing of the baby there are no infections and dirt because through a wound the infection easily gets to an organism of the kid. After the wound heals, it is possible to bathe also in not boiled water.

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