How not to gain excess weight at pregnancy

How not to gain excess weight at pregnancy

During pregnancy it is quite natural to gain additional kilograms, one more person grows in your organism. However improper feeding and a way of life can become the reason of a large number of fat weight which not only is not necessary at all, but also can negatively affect health of the pregnant woman and future kid.


1. That your weight always was in admissible norm, observe a diet. Every morning surely eat the full-fledged breakfast consisting of cottage cheese, porridge, fruit and other useful products. All food used in the first half of day perfectly is acquired by an organism, but not postponed in a fat layer. Besides after a big breakfast it will not want to eat much during a lunch.

2. Give preference of quality food. Refuse fast food and semi-finished products, try not to eat in points of fast food. Such food not only contains many dangerous carcinogens and the fats which are difficult brought out of an organism but also can be manufactured of the spoiled products. Remember that the best dish - prepared by the hands from fresh ingredients.

3. As much as possible reduce consumption of harmful products. These are smoked products, a pickles, seasonings, carbonated drinks, farinaceous food. They have negative effect on work of digestive tract, cause hypostases and promote consumption of bigger quantity of food. With sauce or salty cucumbers it is possible to eat much more meat and potatoes.

4. Eat it is balanced. Try to make the diet so that in it there were not only proteins and carbohydrates, but also also vitamins, useful minerals and even the vegetable fats which are contained, for example, in fish. Eat different types of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and dairy products. During necessary having a snack give preference to yogurt or some fruit.

5. Drink a lot of liquid. It is better if it is ordinary clear water without gas. It brings the slags which are often the reason of toxicosis out of an organism promotes normal digestion and dulls appetite. It is desirable to drink not less than 2 liters of water a day.

6. Move more. If your pregnancy proceeds normally, carry out special exercises for future mothers, previously having consulted about it to the doctor. Walk in the fresh air much and you go to the pool. Swimming, by the way, is very useful during this period. Thanks to it the necessary muscles train, stress is removed and the backbone has a rest. Only before visit of the pool surely consult to the doctor.

7. Stop to eat for the night. Especially sandwiches, pickles or confectionery. At strong feeling of hunger eat some fruit or vegetables without bread.

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