How to accustom the child to go

How to accustom the child to go

To accustom the child it is impossible to go. It is natural evolutionary process, the same as turning, sitting or crawling. To learn independently to go the child will be able. You can only help him to develop balance and to support his confidence in the forces.


1. Approximately at 4-month age at the kid the sense of equilibrium begins to develop. Using it, several times a day put it on legs that it could stand independently within several seconds. Gradually time of standing will increase. You will notice that the kid grabs you to take rest a little, and then again leans on legs. Such exercises will bring him a lot of pleasure, he should spend the most part of time lying.

2. Approximately at the age of 7-8 months the kid learns to stand independently. You can see him standing in own bed or clambering on a sofa or a chair to accept vertical position. From this age it is possible to start walking with the kid on the apartment, having taken it for both handles. You watch closely his mood – small children quickly are tired. At the same time try to grant its requests to circulation when he lets know to you that he wishes to resemble together with you.

3. To go a vnaklonka for parents rather difficult, the back quickly is tired. Therefore it is possible to build the special device for "driving" of the child. It can be a towel or rather dense scarf. Miss its middle part through a breast of the child and remove the ends behind under mice. Holding for the ends, it is possible to travel with the kid rather long time, not especially being tired.

4. It is possible to buy ready devices for driving. They are the system of the belts fixed on the child and the lead fastened to them. Pay attention that belts have to be soft and rather wide not to crash into a body of the child and into your palms. It is possible to sheathe in addition them soft fabric.

5. Gradually you pass to attempts to drive the kid for one handle. Many kids are very careful, take care and are afraid to go for one handle, feeling fear of falling. Therefore first time of driving of the kid for one handle has to be very short. However do not give in on provocation and persistently try that gradually the kid learned to go only for one handle. It will quicker develop sense of equilibrium, and the kid will learn to go independently rather.

6. Build the platform for independent movement of the kid. Best of all the sofa is suitable for these purposes. Lay a plaid or the soft cover put lengthways twice near a sofa. It will soften falling at an unsuccessful training. Limit time of joint "campaigns" on the apartment, accustom the child to independence. For the lack of the choice, the kid pretty fast will master movement along a sofa, adhering for edge one hand.

7. Actually, fast movement of the kid along a sofa also is the main sign that your child will go independently soon. What he will spend on "the training platform" more time, the quicker it will occur. You keep the video camera in readiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team