How to accustom to a small bottle

How to accustom to a small bottle

The small bottle with mix is not one decade the main alternative to breastfeeding. Width of the range of these popular goods impresses. However even the newest developments do not guarantee that your kid easily will begin to eat from a small bottle.

It is required to you

  • - heater of small bottles;
  • - hot water;
  • - mix for feeding.


1. Try to make so that to a small bottle any of relatives began schooling, except mom. This council is especially relevant if the child already got used to a breast. If even with breast milk mom gives a small bottle, it is a little chances of success: the kid will catch a native smell and for certain will refuse unclear to it a way of feeding. Let the first steps in feeding from a small bottle will be taken by someone from people well familiar to the baby. The pose for feeding also should not repeat that in which you usually nurse.

2. Begin to accustom to a small bottle at night when the child is in a hungry and dozing state. Most often in this case the kid wakes up only because of desire to eat. Make sure that he was not woken by other reasons (sharp sounds, bright light, uncomfortable air temperature, an indisposition) and offer him a small bottle. Half asleep the baby will begin to eat much more willingly. After feeding shake a cradle, stroke the kid that he could get the additional feeling of contact with you habitual during feeding by a breast.

3. Try to experiment both with small bottles, and with their temperature. If the kid refused one of them, try other option. Get the heater of small bottles. At all it is optional to give warm mix: quite perhaps, the child will like food of room temperature more.

4. Take a small bottle pacifier under hot water within a minute, and then cool up to the acceptable temperature. After such manipulation, material will become softer and pliable, and it will be more pleasant to kid to take it in a mouth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team