How to bathe the baby

How to bathe the baby

Most of young mothers very vaguely imagine with what frequency and, the main thing – how it is necessary to bathe the baby. It seems to them that the baby can damage accidentally something or he risks to catch a cold.


1. If the child is absolutely healthy, then bathe him daily, from the first days of life, without any fears. If there are symptoms of any catarrhal disease, be limited to podmyvaniye and wiping by a damp towel of hands and persons before his recovery. To wash the kid up to one year better with use of soap and shampoo not often: 1-2 times a week, being limited, all rest of the time, just clear water.

2. You can get to yourself a special children's bathing bath, but in general, it is possible to bathe the baby even in the general bathtub if all members of household are healthy, and in the apartment there are no cats and dogs. The main thing – be very attentive that water did not get to it into respiratory organs. Advantages of bathing in the large bathroom that the kid can "swim", supported by you, receiving so a peculiar water massage and developing motility of extremities.

3. Previously bathing it is necessary to wash up carefully children's laundry detergent and to rinse carefully with hot water. Optimum water temperature has to be 36-38 degrees.

4. If water in your area too rigid, add about 150 grams of starch (it needs to be dissolved at first in separate capacity). In a case when water not really clean, dissolve in bank a little potassium permanganate before receiving liquid of weak-pink color.

5. Bathe the kid approximately at the same time. The bathroom affects children differently: someone becomes more active, someone drives in a dream. In the first case, it is possible to bathe the child in the afternoon, in the second – it is one night better. Optimum time for bathing at chest age of 5-10 minutes.

6. For bathing strong take the child under the arm to one (better - left) a hand, supporting the head. You hold with one hand, soap – the second from top to down, and wash away in the latest turn.

7. That the kid did not catch a cold, after bathing, carefully wipe it everything a terry towel or a diaper. Accurately clean a nose and ears a Q-tip. The most important – never leave the child of one in the bathroom, it is very dangerous!

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