How to bring up the child from orphanage

How to bring up the child from orphanage

Adopting the child from orphanage, many parents understand that it first of all needs love and caress. Of course, it is impossible to avoid completely education problems, but it is possible to lower them to a minimum nevertheless. For this purpose it is necessary to find approach to the child, to become it another and to make everything that it trusted in you.


1. First of all understand - it is your child. In advance develop the program of education based on trust and love. If you do not feel relationship with the kid, try to become it the good friend. Show as much as possible understanding and kindness. If you are able to make friends, most likely, pretty fast the adopted child will begin to consider you parents.

2. Understand, hardly at you it will turn out to bring up the child it what you would like to see him. Do not wait that he will meet all your expectations. Accept him it what it is. Only then problems of education will be insignificant, and the kid will be happy with you.

3. You manage with the child as if he is your native. Do not indulge, but also be not limited only to praises. If necessary show character and stand in the corner. Do not use physical methods of punishment at all.

4. Bring up the child the moral person, kind and decent. Be to him a worthy example. Never deceive and do not make empty promises. Try to keep the word always. Having deceived time, you can forever lose his trust. Children do not forget deception.

5. Do not hide from the child that you are not the real parents. Sooner or later he most likely learns everything from "kind people". If asks about it, tell him the truth. Do not speak negatively of his real parents at all even if they are not really good people.

6. Understand one: it is not dependent on at what age you took the child in the family, negative experience of the past on it will press. Whatever efforts you made to become for it good parents, all the same spiritual wounds will be shown. Sooner or later he will ask you why it was thrown. Your support at this moment is very important, otherwise his internal experiences will come to light. They can be shown in the form of the bad, rejecting or provocative behavior. For example, the child can begin to use foul language, suck a finger, to be shaken, be written or more "original" will think up something only to cause rejection of.

7. There is also other extreme. The child who did not receive in an infancy of due care of parents can be too trustful. He easily goes to all adults on hands and calls them mothers and fathers. Such kid is passive, agrees with all and to anybody does not become attached. It is necessary to consider at education that such children hardly come into close contacts and the constant relations.

8. If the child seeks to push away all from himself, provokes that you threw him, or leaves the house, surely address the psychologist.

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