How to disaccustom the child to gadgets

How to disaccustom the child to gadgets

Now many are concerned by a problem of the fact that  not to drag the child for "ears" from gadgets. But generally parents are guilty of this problem. It is how simple to give to the child the laptop, the tablet, phone and though some time to enjoy blissful silence. But gadgets form dependence, and sooner or later parents should enter fight against them.

In what danger

At first sight, apparently, nothing awful that he sits and sticks by buttons no, even develops motility of hands, speed of reaction and attention. However, the danger of gadgets is very high when hobby for them oversteps the limits of reasonable. Time which the child spends at the computer or the laptop, it is necessary to control strictly. Ideally it should not exceed one hour a day.

Gadgets carry away the child to the world where everything easy and simply and the most complex problem is solved by pressing of the button, and from where it is so hard to escape. It harms not only to a bearing and sight. It  also affects character: without having received the favourite gadget, children badly eat, quarrel with parents, are capable even to be depressed in violence or, on the contrary. Sometimes the solution of this problem requires the help of the psychiatrist. But if you  did not miss the child to such an extent yet, then can pull out him from the virtual world.

Personal example

If you do not think of the life without virtual reality and constantly spend time behind the laptop or the computer, then can be sure, as your child will become the ardent admirer of gadgets. If you are not able to cope with the thirst for social networks, forums and games, try to do it not in front of the child. For example, you allow to the hobby evening when the child sleeps. The child, especially small, first of all copies behavior of the closest people — parents.

Try to arrange at least once in a week family day without gadgets.

Create feeling of success

It is clear, that in games the child "expert" also great shoots enemies. It turns out that in virtual reality he is more successful, than in real. Play with the child good old board games — and, maybe, it makes him sense sometimes and to give in. The main thing at the same time is to praise the child, telling it what he is clever.

Show an alternative

Try not to leave to the child of surplus of free time. Of course, rest is necessary, but within limits. Make sure that your child has other interests, besides gadgets. Send the child to sports section or to some circle.

Do not abuse computers and games

If the child got used to them, he can begin to see in you the person who attempts upon sacred. If other children play why parents say that it is bad? Discuss with the child a safety issue on the Internet. Install the program of control of time of a game and also protection against visit of the "serious" websites on the gadget.

Good rest

Make so that the kid did not miss gadgets, and they did not catch sight to him. You see off more with him time on the street, organize a campaign or a country trip. Occupy the child with something very interesting that he as seldom as possible remembered gadgets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team