How to care for the child

How to care for the child

The child not a toy, all know about it, but here only not each person represents how many forces are required for care of the little boy or the girl. If you only plan to bring children or to you kids on a visit go, well think and whether there will be enough for you forces constantly to care for them.


1. Honor needs of the child same, as well as at the adult. He wants to sleep, eat, go to a toilet and it is interesting to spend free time. But only reserved energy at it huge, and an opportunity most to think out classes it is a little limited. And not each kid is able to perform even elementary operations. It depends on age and education. It turns out that with it it is constantly necessary to be nearby, to help it even with elementary things.

2. The healthy nutrition is very important at any age. There are special recommendations for children that when and in what quantity it is necessary to eat. Something fresh is desirable to prepare every time. And doctors very much recommend to refuse semi-finished products, and to cook food independently to understand what components enter it. It allows to avoid developing of diathesis, allergic reactions.

3. The child up to 7 years has to sleep in the afternoon. He needs not 8 rest-hours as to the adult, and it is a little more. Therefore in kindergartens there is a quiet time. It is important to watch that quantities of a dream was sufficient, the schedule according to which the kid falls asleep daily at the same time remained.

4. Development of the child happens in the course of the game. He can draw, build something of toys, play situations from life. In this process he seizes the main skills which will be useful in life. Therefore it is necessary to think out classes which promote obtaining new skills. Examine exercises which are developed for concrete age. They will give the chance to improve memory, to develop imagination and to learn to be guided in life circumstances.

5. The child has to breathe fresh air. Regular walks on the street are obligatory point in care of the kid. It is necessary to pick up the correct clothes that was not it is cold, hot, to gather and spend some time on air. Can be summer of walk very long, in other season it is important not to freeze therefore 30-40 minutes a day can be quite enough.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team