How to choose school for the child

How to choose school for the child

Your child grew up, said goodbye to kindergarten, and in the fall he will already become a first grader. This responsible and disturbing event in his life, at school he will spend a large number of time, to raise, develop and gain necessary knowledge. Parents have to approach the choice of school very attentively.


1. You have to have personal acquaintance to each of schools among which you choose. No responses of acquaintances, opinions on the Internet and estimates of parents of pupils will replace own opinion. You have to look at a situation at school during educational process, estimate popularity of school, the teacher's list, behavior and progress of pupils, a situation in classes, existence of table and full protection. Only this way you will correctly make a choice and will quietly expect the beginning of the next academic year, and September with pleasure will lead the child the first time in the first class.

2. Choosing school, do a reference point on character and abilities of the child, but not on the interests. For example, two different schools can give approximately identical quality of education, but at one school the child can feel lagging behind or the derelict that can provoke serious complexes and will affect progress. And at other school, at other approach to pupils, it can join the general progress, be engaged in additional circles on interests and will feel happy.

3. Pay attention not pedagogical staff of school. The quality of education in many respects depends on the developed teacher's structure. It is very good if many teachers work at school throughout the big period. They create the special educational atmosphere which different in all educational institutions.

4. At school the child will spend much time therefore he has to eat well. Make sure that there is a good dining room or buffet. In them junk food, like chocolate bars or sparkling water should not be on sale.

5. Pay attention to discipline at school during changes. If children run and rustle - in it there is nothing terrible, means teachers allow them to splash out the energy out of a lesson. But if you see that pupils fight, talk smut and smoke behind school, then it means that the discipline at school is not adjusted. Whether your child will be able to join on such Wednesday and whether you that he became a part it want - seriously think of it.

6. Now the management of schools pays special attention to protection and safety of children. The school territory has to be fenced. It is very good if the check regime is introduced.

7. And of course, the main factor on which the choice of future school depends is the teacher. Each parent has ideas of the good teacher therefore it is better if you personally get acquainted and will communicate to the person who, perhaps, will become the mentor and the head of your first grader.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team