How to choose the children's encyclopedia for the child of seven years

How to choose the children's encyclopedia for the child of seven years

It is simple to choose a gift for the preschool child because a main type of its activity is a game. Adults most often give to the child of a toy and the book with pictures. But to 7-year age most of children are already able to read, actively ask questions on which parents can not always find the correct answer. The best gift to future first grader - the encyclopedia which will become it the assistant in development of the school program.

Age features of younger school age

It is necessary to pay attention that at the beginning or at the end of the printing edition has to be specified for what age it is intended. On a cover of books too often specify age of target audience. For example: "For children of 6-7 years". It is better if the book becomes reference for the child for several next years, but not for 1 year. The encyclopedia for children of 5-10 years will be ideal option.

Long ago it is known that through actions the people better perceive new material. Not without reason the evident and effective thinking which is the first step of thinking of the person remains with it and at adult age. Therefore assimilation of information by the child happens in more fascinating form if is followed by manipulations with cards, counters, volume details and also drawing, cutting, gluing, assembly of details. Stopping the choice on the encyclopedia for the kid, it should be taken into account this feature. The benefit that a variety of the range of encyclopedias for children allows to make it.

Experts established that thinking of the child of 7 years mainly already becomes evident and figurative. And at younger school age it begins smooth transition to verbal. It means that it is easier for child to perceive new information by means of bright evident material and concrete examples on the basis of which the child does the logical conclusions and conclusions. Therefore it is the best of all to choose the encyclopedia with colourful pictures on the basis of fascinating adventures of some magic beings.

Book contents

Encyclopedias are various according to the contents. It is the best of all if it is the book which is completely devoted to one subject because the book "All about Everything" will not be able to give children exhaustive information on any certain area. For example "Human body". It is meant that book contents has to open completely a subject and tell in a form, available to kids, of parts of a body, bodies and functions of a human body. It is necessary to study selectively the text to check whether authentic information is presented to children. Often the encyclopedia for younger school students is implemented in several volumes, each of which covers some one industry of knowledge. Before buying the book to the specific child, it is desirable to learn, than he is fond. For example, if he is interested in life of insects, then "The encyclopedia of insects" will become a gift, faultless for it. Of course, if at it still it is unavailable. And it is the best of all if the visit of bookstore can be carried out together with the child to consider wishes of the kid.

Quality of the book

That the encyclopedia served long, it is necessary to analyze not only book contents, but also quality which has to be the best. It is recommended that printing editions were in a firm cover. And the last successful invention in this direction were the facilitated soft covers which effectively perform the function of a wrapper and do book weight significantly less. It is desirable that paper was rather dense, glossy, white color. It is necessary that on pages letters and images from a reverse side were not illuminated. Also there should not be excess patches of light from lighting. Otherwise it will be excess loading but sight of the child. You should not lose sight that it is difficult to children who learned to put letters in syllables recently to read books with a small print. Not to discourage to reading the first grader, choose the font of the average size corresponding to health regulations on execution of school textbooks. That is pins of a font of the main text there has to be not less than 16-18. Also adult it is worth checking independently that on pages there were no inadequate pictures, rough typos and mistakes.

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