How to decorate cake by a birthday of the child

How to decorate cake by a birthday of the child

The loving parents try to think up by a birthday of the child something unusual — to issue the children's room, to prepare original dishes, to think up the cheerful scenario. And, of course, to decorate festive cake — the most anticipated dish on a children's table.

It is required to you

  • For cake in the form of a soccerball:
  • — oil cream;
  • — mastic.
  • For cake with a doll:
  • — biscuit cake layers;
  • — oil cream;
  • — cardboard, foil;
  • — Barbie doll.


1. Choose the ideas for registration of festive cake proceeding from interests and hobbies of your child. For example, the boy visiting football section can present cake in the form of a soccerball, and for the girl - to decorate cake with a doll which will also be for it a gift.

2. Make cake in the form of a hemisphere as ant hill cake. From above cover it with oil cream or condensed milk. Prepare mastic of white and black colors. Draw on paper of five - and hexagons. Roll mastic in thin layer and cut out figures on templates. Then paste over with polygons from mastic all surface of cake. The same way it is possible to issue cake in the form of a ladybug, a bee.

3. Wrap up a doll to a waist in cardboard and fix by an adhesive tape in several places. From above cover cardboard with a foil. Style hair of a doll upward and wrap up in a polyethylene film. Put round biscuit cake layers of different diameter in the form of a cone, soaking them with syrup and greasing with cream. In the middle of each cake layer cut an opening, diameter it is more, than the packed doll. Put a doll in ready cake. Leave cake in the cold place before hardening at several o'clock. Then decorate in the form of a skirt with color cream, mastic or marzipan.

4. Give to cake the form of the figure corresponding to age of the little birthday boy. For this purpose bake several cake layers. On a piece of cardboard cut out desirable figure in a full size. Cut off each cake layer on a template and impose at each other, coating with cream. From above decorate at will with cream, whipped cream, glaze and candles.

5. Decorate children's cakes with sugar mastic, marzipan. From them it is possible to create any figures at will as from plasticine. Draw templates - asterisks, hearts, balls; or more difficult - heroes of animated films, fairy tales. Then cut out them from the rolled mastic of different flowers and paste on cake.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team