How to define appendicitis at the child

How to define appendicitis at the child

Appendicitis should be carried to number of the most often found diseases of an abdominal cavity which demand surgical intervention, from children. It meets at any age, but a thicket in 8-14 years. If your child complains of belly-ache, it is necessary to call the doctor immediately. For now you expect him, can independently try to diagnose this artful disease.


1. Put the child on a back and carry out a palpation (palpation) of a stomach. Since the left podvzdoshny area, move counterclockwise. A symptom of appendicitis is strengthening of morbidity at palpation in the right podvzdoshny area. This sign is very important. In medical practice it received the name local morbidity. You can try to examine your child during sleep. Then at a palpation of the right lower square of a stomach there is a pushing away symptom - it is pushing away of a hand of the sleeping child investigating a hand.

2. The second main sign of inflammation is the protective tension of muscles in the right lower square of a stomach. For definition of this symptom put hands on the child's stomach (left - on the right podvzdoshny area, and right - on the left lower square of a stomach of the patient). Wait for a breath and alternately press at the left and on the right. Thus try to define a difference in a tone of muscles.

3. Now it is necessary to define existence of a symptom of Shchyotkin — Blyumberg. Gradually deeply press on an anterior abdominal wall. Further quickly and sharply take away a hand. At a positive symptom the child will feel the piercing pain which arose at once after you took away a hand from a stomach.

4. You remember, the children's organism reacts to any inflammation temperature increase. At appendicitis the temperature reaction usually does not happen more than 37-38 degrees. Pay attention to a ratio between pulse rate and body temperature. At temperature increase on 1 degree Celsius the pulse rate increases by 10 beats per minute. And at inflammatory process in an abdominal cavity, heart fights much more often.

5. Keep in mind, at appendicitis the behavior of the child can change. In a set of cases the parents noted that children become whimsical, low-contact, uneasy and sluggish. It is connected with increase of pain. The continuity of pain leads to a sleep disorder (it meets at a third of patients).

6. At 6-8 children from 10, at inflammation of appendicitis, vomiting is observed. Very seldom vomiting is persistent.

7. If your child had signs of the desease put him to bed. It is necessary to call the doctor immediately. You remember not to do much harm to the child, it is not necessary to do the following: - Do not put a hot-water bottle on a stomach. It can lead to a rupture of a shoot and peritonitis because heat accelerates inflammation development. - Do not give any drugs. They can grease a clinical picture of a disease (to reduce intensity of inflammatory process, to remove or reduce pain, etc.). Then it is correct to make the diagnosis it will be difficult. - You do not feed and do not give to drink to the patient. If operation which is performed under the general anesthesia is necessary, contents of a stomach can get into airways. Not to allow it the child will need to wash out a stomach, and it is difficult and unpleasant procedure.

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